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Building Strong Communities

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1.Using the information you have gathered regarding your community health issue, write a letter to your local legislature. You may use an example provided on the Activity page to write about or select another health need in your community.

2.Include at least two possible solutions, and state your resources.

3.Complete your letter in the section below.

Sample Letter:

(Your Address) (Return address)
(Your City, State Zip Code)
Today ‘s Date (Date)

Name and Title of legislator (Inside Address)
Street Address
City, State Zip Code

(Dear Contact Person:) (Salutation)

(Body) I live in the community of (community name). In my community, (discuss health issue) people throw trash on the ground constantly. This brings rats, roaches and an unpleasant odor.

Sometimes as a community, (discuss possible solutions for the health issue) we get together and try to clean things up. I believe that if the public sanitation department would place trash cans throughout the community, people would throw trash in the cans and not on the ground.

(thanks for attention) Thank you for taking the time to review this health issue within our community. I certainly hope that this problem would soon be rectified. Please let me know if I can assist in any way as I am eager for a nicer, healthier community.

Sincerely, (Complimentary close)

(your name) (Signature Block)
(your account number if applicable)

Final Draft :

To whom it may concern,
I live in the community of (Enter Community) It has been noticed not only by myself but others as well, that there is a large amount of litter across the city. Not only does this litter make the town look bad, but it also brings unwanted rodents into our lives. There are many organizations in my community that get together to try and clean the litter. Although this does help it doesn’t do justice to the amount of garbage there is. I believe however, if fines are enforced for anyone littering we would see a huge decline in the litter around the city. I also believe that placing waste bins throughout the community will help as well, seeing as people would throw the garbage in the bins rather than on the ground. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to review this health issue. I hope that this issue will be fixed. I’d also like to offer my help in any way possible. Sincerely,

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