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Biomedical And Socio Medic Model Of Health

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The main purpose of the biomedical model of health is to cure diseases in which health professionals will use scientifically tested methods to address a diagnosed illness. The biomedical model of health focuses on purely biological factors, and excludes psychological, environmental, and social influences. This model relates to the functionalist approach of health as it specifies that health is the absences of disease and it’s regarded as dysfunctional for the society as individuals cannot make a positive contribution to the running of society. According to the perspective of Marxists, he argued that doctors encourage the production rate of the society by explaining health as the potential to work, he also disseminated that “working is better than idleness”(Waitzkin, 1989).It was emphasized that the health professionals are blamed of medicalization if they consider the societal influence of patient and if they ignore, the accusation still holds (Nettleton, 1995).

On the other hand, the socio medical model focuses on the social factors that contribute to health and wellbeing in our society. From analysing the functionalist theory it shows that the socio medical model would explain and discuss the high rates of ill health and the short life expectancy among those who are poor relating to the inequalities in society and life circumstances of those whom may be disadvantaged. Secondly, Relating to the Marxist critique of the bio-medical model as it is a direct consequence of capitalism that a class that is more at risk to contract illness through sue to the cause of economic status. Some sociology theorists may believe that the medical profession is under the educated upper classes who are interested in keeping the lower class content while using the workforce for growth and economy.

Strengths of the biomedical model of health
Diagnoses the cause of ill health through the methods of observations, examinations and tests. Focuses on the physical processes of bio chemistry, pathology and the physiology of the illness. Illness is a temporary state that can be changed by the intervention of medical skill. Does not address the social and psychological factors that contribute to good health. Is criticised for being technology centred and expensive.

In the 21st Century the model remains powerful in Western medicine.

Weaknesses of the Biomedical model
Assumptions of generic disease however symptoms treated like disease If individuals take upon a sick role one must be exempt from social responsibilities. Refers to the abnormal changes in the body’s structure or the functioning as a disease Only medical professionals have the expertise to identify and diagnose the illness. Little regard is paid to environmental and social factors that may have led to ill health Strengths of the socio medical model

Understands and considers the patients experiences. Government recommends topics of improving mental health.

Recognises the effectiveness of the promotion of health via polices and legislations. Introduced the treatment for mental health problems

Omits the dimension of power so as to avoid inequality in health. Believes that health can be improving the social conditions as it can affect health of some particular groups.

Weaknesses of the socio medical model
Failure to fully discuss the psychosocial factors which have proven to be powerful factors of disease in the modern society. It can be time consuming in studying the factors affecting illness and lack of prevention methods. It’s been a success in diagnosing and treating several diseases in centuries. Does not assess the causes of ill health genetically or research in depth. Is not satisfactory in the understanding of the development of policies of the disability and the disadvantaged.

In regards to the case study it can be argued that the children have permanent colds in winter due to the socio medical factors. Meaning it can be a result of them living in poverty causing them to have colds. Tamsela’s father suffers from Bronchitis which can be down to the environment he lives in which is poor. Tamsela’s mother has developed depression this can be a result to the social and environmental factors.

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