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Barangay Center Management Information System

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Part of life is Metamorphosis. Met (metamorphosis) is a major change in the appearance or character of someone or something. And human life is Met. Technology has influenced and greatly simplified almost in every aspect of life today. Nowadays, computers have already penetrated almost all of the society. Agatha Christie said, “To err is human,’ but a human error is nothing to what a computer can do if it tries. “The great thing about a computer is that no matter how much you stuff into it, it doesn’t get bigger or heavier” said Bill Gates, and it’s a big help to every business and departments that handles massive amount of files, does we come up to improving the manual recording of annual mortality and morbidity reports, Barangay records and patient’s information plus scheduling into computerized Barangay Center Management Information System. A manual recording means to do things by hands.

The system is proposed for recording and storing the annual mortality and morbidity reports, Barangay records and patient’s information and scheduling. The proposed system which entitled Barangay Center Management Information System is an efficient, well organized, and easy to use for maintaining the records and searching for it.

Chapter I :
Problem and its

Errors, time-consuming and hard to find records are the problems usually occurs because the usual procedures of using manual method needed to be record everything and to be done completely by hand that can create some erasures and errors. Theoretical Framework

Management Information System is a system wherein everything is well organized, concise, accurate, and ease every stressing jobs. Barangay Center Management Information System is a well organized system that provides concise and accurate information’s in every parameter of the barangay center record that easies the job of every administrator/nurses and prevent some stressing job problems.

Conceptual Framework

The researcher of the study are developing a kind of study, which is the Barangay Center Management Information System that will record every barangay record and patient’s information. The system will function by input-process-output.

• Think and Brainstorm the Questions that needs to be answer to be able to develop the system.
• Write down the Information needed.
• Request for the manual record sheet.

• Layout the study
• Produced well organized system based on what the center need.
• Computerized recording system

• Conduct interviews and give questionnaire and observation.
• Ask for the presentation.
• Ask for the manual record sheet.

I.P.O for Developing
• Patient Record
• Barangay Record
• Annual mortality and morbidity record

• Printed medical certificate and doctor’s certificate.
• Produces printed report of every barangay record and its total record.
• Report of annual mortality and morbidity records.

• Finding/Searching and storing patient record.
• Add every barangay record.
• Saving annual record.

Paradigm of the Problem

I.P.O for Implementation

Statement of the Problem
General Problem

Hard to find records
Records are hard to find because of massive files and records store in the cabinet.

Specific Problem
• Administrator error that can cause inaccuracies in the medical records.
• Misplace record results in wasted time and unorganized records.
• Slow recording because of erasures that needed to be checked and rechecked as well as because of inaccuracies in recording.
• Time consuming, it takes a lot of time finding needed record and creating printed report using manual system.

Objective of the Study
The general objective of the study is to be able to improve the usual methods of manual recording of medical record such as the annual mortality and morbidity record, barangay record, and patients record and scheduling by developing a computerized Barangay Center Management Information System wherein it eases the work and helping the administrator to find records faster.

• Administrator assurance, computerized records of the medical information helps prevent human errors by using the computerized Barangay Center Management Information System. •Stores records, no need to find some misplaced medical record when using computerized Barangay Center Management Information System that helps restore and store records. • Fast recording, no more room for clutter, which let the administrator to record faster by just pressing few keys. • Rapid record searching and Producing Printed Report, using the computerized Barangay Center Management Information System the user just need to press some key and type few information to find and print records.

Scopes and Delimitation’s
The proposed Barangay Center Management Information System records and stores the annual mortality and morbidity records, the barangay records and it’s total record, and patient’s information and its scheduling. It also designs to print medical certificate, doctor’s certificate and reports and restore deleted records. The system can search for the past medical records. The system allows the administrator to track the number of the total record.

The proposed system can’t print student patient personal information. It can’t print the sales and financial statement. And also limited itself for computing the budget for the medicines and center needs.

Significance of the study
To the Center
– it will help the center to conserve its resources such as their usage of papers. And also help it to be more organized in their records. To the users
– It will benefit the user for it will help them to ease their task in recording and having accurate records. And help them to print medical reports. To the future researcher
– the proposed system will provide an overview to the future researchers that they will have a stable foundation towards the improvement of the center. To the proponents
– it is a good start to have an idea about the future work of the proponents after they graduate and enter the corporate world. It is a good root to be established for them to become an asset on a certain company that they will work to.

Chapter II :
Research methodology

is always consider in making every study a worth one and the valuable method to collect data it is also the method you can be sure on the information you gained. Observation is a fundamental way of finding out about the world around us. It is one key to know the happenings on your surroundings.


The proponents used the most easy finding source, the internet to develop the study and to help them to have more useful ideas about the study and about building the system. Thesis books
Also, they used some thesis books that act as their guide in developing the study. Thesis samples from other school
Lastly, the researchers used some thesis sample from the graduated student of other school.

Chapter III :
Log in form
Check up schedule/ check sched.
Brgy. records data
Brgy. Records
Annual record
Barangay Center Management
Information System

Record annual data
Fill up brgy. data’s
Fill up registration form/confirm
View Record
Total the records
view sched/check up
Fill up
Registration form
Save check up info
• Plan on what manual procedure can use for developing into computerized system • Analyze the possible cause of the problem and solve it by developing the usual system that the company uses. • Creating design that is suitable for implementation and designing a more efficient system • Building the system, developing the manual method into computerized • Tested by the proponents and let center test the system • The center accepted the system
• This ensures that the development efficiently for implementation of the system

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