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 Animal Farm

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In many ways, Squealer’s name says it all. Squealer is an extremely clever pig and a brilliant talker and the animals seem to think he could simply turn black into white. Squealer rises to power because of his quick mind. The first time we see squealer is when some of the other animals question the consumption of the milk apples, which then squealer gives a fabulous and persuasive speeches (like he always does) is about how the pigs need the milk and apples by saying “contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of the pig.

We pigs are brainworkers” which the animals fall for and if there was any debate the sheep would bleat out loudly “four legs good, two legs bad” to confuse the animals with their own thoughts. During his speeches he confuses the animals by skipping with excitement whisking his tail. He has an explanation for everything. Squealer begins his explanations by using the word “comrades”. The use of these words leads the animals to believe in thinking that squealer is actually talking to them individually and this would make the animals more likely to believe in what he is saying. In his speeches squealer uses repetition, lying, assertion and mostly by rhetorical questions.

Squealer is a very clever character. He is fat white pig, who stands by Napoleon throughout this novel Squealer also uses “rumors” to hide his viciousness. All the animals support him, think he is right, and do what he tell them to do. Snowball and Napoleon argue at every opportunity possibly, so napoleon uses the dogs to chase snowball which is successful and steals snowballs plan to build a windmill, squealer then goes round the farm so no animal is against napoleon by asking rhetorical question mostly “surely you do not want Jones to come back?”. Squealer gives an other smooth speech about how Napoleon never opposed to the windmill and it was his idea in the first place which snowball stolen from napoleon “The windmill was, in fact Napoleon own creation” which is an actual lye. Also in this speech he uses assertion by saying “Tactics, comrades tactics!”

During the building of the windmill near to the age of Boxers retirement he was bringing up a few more materials for the re-building of the windmill after it had been blown up by the neighbouring farms, Boxer fell over and couldn’t get up, eventually when he got to his stall the pigs were organizing boxer to be sent of to the slaughterers which soon enough happened. As boxer was being sent away the animals read what was on the van and screamed in dis-belief three days later it was announced by squealer of course that boxer had died in hospital with squealer at his side which in actual fact is lies he also announces that the van marked “alfred simmonds, horse slaughterer and glue- boiler, Willingdon.

Dealer in hides and bone-meal” had ”previously been the property of the knacker, and had been bought by the veterinary surgeon, who had not yet painted the old name out” and that was how the mistake had arisen. At the sound of this the animals where enormously relieved. Squealer also convinces the animals that every time the commandments are changed they had simply forgotten it and when the pigs were drinking some whisky that was once belonged to Mr. Jones they got drunk, which was against one of the commandments “No animal shall drink alcohol” squealer got up on ladder with a paint bucket and wrote “No animal shall drink alcohol, to access” then fell of the ladder, the animals heard him fall and went outside to see what was happening and yet not raising any suspicion this shows how much the animals are brainwashed. Squealer is like Napoloens wing man always covering up and making up things to Napoloens power and always succeeded to cover up the truthful fact.

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