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Analysis of The Veldt

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Read the short story provided in class and answer each of the following questions about the story in complete sentences.

1. List one sensory appeals for each of the following used in the first page:

Sound: Roars of the lions

Sight: The sun, the lions, the veldt

Taste: The taste of blood

Touch/Feel: The hot savanna heat

Smell: Of blood and grass

2. What evidence of the sixth sense is offered in this section? Lydia says she has a sixth sense

3. What mundane object does Bradbury use to tell the story? Technology

4. What significance do the names Wendy and Peter hold? They’re the names of the main chars in “Peter pan”

5. How realistic is the temper tantrum Peter throws when kept from the nursery?

6. What would parents limit or take-away in modern society?

7. Does Bradbury capture a realistic event, characters, and reactions?

8. What effect has the house and society had on Lydia based on the information provided on page 2?

9. How has it affected George?

10. What is suggested by when George finds the wallet at the bottom of page 4?

11. What is further suggested by the familiarity of the screams on page 5?

12. On page 6, what is evident by the exchange between father and son?

13. What sense does George Hadley invalidate in the discussion with the psychologist?

14. Identify two sections on the “roller coaster” of suspense found in “The Veldt”?

15. Although Bradbury wrote this story in 1951, what are four details that are found in current society that help connect the reader to the story?

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