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Airline Ticketing Reservation System

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The Airline Reservation System project is an implementation of a general Airline Ticketing Application, which helps the customers to reserve an airline tickets, along with the different packages available with the reservations. In general, this application would be designed to perform like any other airline ticketing application (Desktop Based) available as offline. Airline Reservation System contains the details about passenger reservations and ticket records. Inventory control steers how many seats are available for the different booking classes, by opening and closing individual booking classes for sale. In combination with the fares and booking conditions stored in the Fare Quote System the price for each sold seat is determined.

Every Airline Company is charged with the responsibility of ensuring to give safe and comfortable service for its customers. The researchers aim to help in improving the Airline Ticketing Reservation by fitting solutions to the problems below and these are: To ensure this quality of service, the companies which works on this business should reach to their customers and give a quality service to compute in the market. And this include easy ticket reservation system. In the manual system, the daily reservation list for all flights is generated and sent. Very often, they cannot put up the reservation list on time. Owing to the inefficiencies in the manual system, when passengers cancel tickets, the reservation list is not updated in time. They maintain a waiting list, which is used to update the reservation list when passengers cancel tickets. Currently, the manual system handles all requests for changes in reservation. It treats a change of this kind as a cancellation, and reissues tickets. Reservation opens few days before the scheduled departure date. Based on the availability of seats the tickets are issued.

Each ticket, whether confirmed or wait-listed, has a unique identification number. This number is generated in a serial order.
The reservation clerk records the amount of fare paid for the ticket in Cash Collection Register. A passenger can cancel tickets by submitting a cancellation form with the ticket. Depending on the difference in hours between the departure and cancellation the passenger loses certain percentage of the fare.

The objective of this project is to implement the airline reservation system to the best satisfaction of the customer.

The normal process which was followed until recently was to manually fill the data and then process the data which used to cause a lot of inconvenience to both the administrator and the customer as well. Now, we would like to use databases to facilitate this process of smooth reservation of airline tickets with minimal work on the part of both the customer and the administrators involved.

Scope of the Project
This project designs and implements air ticketing reservation system. Supported by a well-designed database, all available air flight information is integrated together and can be accessed easily through a single point. A friendly user interface is provided so that various combinations of search criteria can be fetched from user and generates corresponding database search statements. The air ticket reservation system provided both customer and administration interfaces with the latter used for administration purposes. If time permits, the reservation system will support frequent user registration and personal information management.

Limitation of the Project
This project is limited in the following boundary
1.) It takes enormous amount of time for recording transactions. 2.) Provide flight information for the passengers
3.) It takes enormous amount of time for recording transactions. 4.) Customers should go to ticket offices to reserve a ticket and cancel it.

The significant of Airline Ticketing Reservation System is the computerization of the activities of the organization. It helps to facilitate the dairy operation of the organization. The economy of the organization is affected positively because of the computerization of their operation. The findings of this research will also help the management to increase the income generation and smooth running of the everyday activities.

The following definitions are to clear up and focus on the term as they pertain to this study. 1.) Administration: is an aspect of running the organization by devising systems which will run smoothly. 2.) Client: This any process the request the specific services from server process. 3.) Computer: This is an electrons machine that can accept; handle and manipulate data by performing arithmetic and logic operations without human intervention usually under the control of programmers. 4.) Data: This is for runner of information. It is unprocessed fact. 5.) Database: is a collection of information that is related to a particular subject or purpose. 6.) Hardware: This is the electromechanical part of computer system. 7.) Information: This is data that have been processed, interpreted and understood by the recipient of the message or report. 8.) Server: This is a process that provides requested services for clients.

Review of Related Literature and Studies
2.1 Related Literature
In the arena of global competition, organizations in all over the world are competing through the use of the most comprehensive and advanced technological feature. The most common example of innovations is in the area of information technology and communication. Various industries are using the technologies and the advancements of software to maintain and monitor their business transactions. In the application of the information systems, the airline industry is the most common users of the system. The purpose of the application system is to easily manage and organize all the reservations and bookings of the clients and gain the competitive advantage. Some of the popular airlines that use the various reservations systems are the British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas, and many others. All of the airlines are founded in different years, following different routes, having unique organizational structure and models and yet covers the system that gained them popularity.

2.2 Related Studies
A.) Passenger Reservation
Today, a reservation system needs to do more than ensuring receipt of a flight ticket. The system should be adaptable enough to provide passengers a wholesome flying experience. This is why a lot many forward looking airlines are taking a hard look at their inflexible and revenue draining legacy reservation systems. As an increasing number of airlines ponder a change in one of the most critical business systems, they are faced with a set of very complex decisions which has important commercial overtones. Choosing the right partner with the right capability is the key.

B.) Air Ticketing & Travel Management
You might be surprised to know that Travel & Tourism is the world’s largest foreign exchange earner among industries and it generates millions of employment opportunities worldwide; more than any other industry. Travel and tourism is a very wide industry and it includes Govt. tourism departments, immigration and custom services, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels, etc and many associated services such as airline catering & laundry services, guides, interpreters, tourism promotion and sales etc.

C.) Ticketing & Bookings
Ticketing and bookings relate mostly to travel and hospitality (railways and air travel), entertainment (cinema, amusement parks, concerts, and shows) but are not restricted to these industries. Basically, any organization that allows customers or prospects to place online orders or transactions over the phone should consider a comprehensive customer interaction solution.

Chapter 3
Research Methodologies
Context Diagram
All the processes together are decomposed and represented in CONTEXT DIAGRAM. The sources in context diagram for this system are ADMINISTRATOR, PASSENGER and GUEST these are linked to the Airline Reservation System.

Dataflow Diagram
A DFD is also known as a “bubble Chart” has the purpose of clarifying system requirements and identifying major transformations that will become programs in system design. So it is the starting point of the design to the lowest level of detail. A DFD consists of a series of bubbles joined by data flows in the system.

Entity Relationship Diagram
The relation upon the system is structure through a conceptual ER-Diagram, which not only specifics the existential entities but also the standard relations through which the system exists and the cardinalities that are necessary for the system state to continue.


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