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Advantages and disadvantages of Reed Boardall’s

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Human Resource Management is the process of managing people in a company as well as managing the existing inter-personal relationships. These two processes are keys in the success and growth of a business. Management is also a process of efficiently getting work activities completed. The management process includes the leading, organizing, planning, and controlling activities that take place to accomplish objectives. It’s also refers to employees and managers who focus on tasks primarily related to improving employee relations and recruiting new employees.

The focus of human resource management is to deal with the manpower that can have an impact on the productivity. In this case study, I will investigate the advantages and disadvantage of Human Resource department and argument to persuade the Chief Executive Keith Boardall that having the Human Resource department would be better for the company. Reed Boardall basically is a Yorkshire-based chilled and frozen distribution company, it have all the function except a Human Resource department. The Chief Executive Keith Boardall explained the reason of not having a Human Resources department was manager and supervisor should have the right relationships with their teams. Every time there’s a problem, employee don’t need to go through a personal manager who’s slightly to the left of cloud nine has no idea what he’s dealing with. Mr Boardall also believes that Human Resource can add unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and form filling to an organization.

2.0 TASK 1:Advantages and disadvantages of not to have a Human Resource Department.

In this part, I would like to discuss the advantages of not having a Human Resource department for Reed Boardall Company. First point to support my argument would be not having a Human Resource department, the relationship between company management and employees would be better. It’s because the employees is closer the respective line manager, the line manager knows their problem better than the human resource department as they don’t know what’s going on sometimes. There will be a communication gaps between company management and employees. It offers employees the opportunity to release their frustrations with the company .In addition, poor employee relations due to the gap with human resources can cause prospective employees to reconsider joining the company.

Secondly, the company can save a large sum of money by not implementing human resource department. It cost a lot to setting up a human resource department as the average salary of human resource expert very high. Beside, money spent on human resources management and costs associated with human resources, such as employee service etc. It can amount to over $1,000 per employee. Next, not having human resource department may allow managers to interface directly with employees anytime an employment issue arises. Managers may find these communications rewarding, as might the staff. The managers may seek the best employees to fill open positions, and provide them with various personal development programs to upgrade themselves. Retaining good employees is a high priority in business; the cost of losing them and hiring replacements may not be something the company can absorb.

Lastly but not least, the business owner doesn’t need to relinquish control regarding how the business operates without a human resource department. The CEO won’t have disagreements can include internal versus external hiring, terminations and pay rates. It also doesn’t waste time on collaborating with human resource department. After discuss about the advantages, I would like to emphasize the disadvantages of not having human resource department. The first, the company must ensure they are in compliance with the large number of rules and regulations that govern personnel relations and management. Human resources expert possess the expertise in areas such as discriminatory practices and compensation laws.

Without human resource department, the company might break regulations that might not have even known existed. In the process, the company can avoid costly fines and possibly even lawsuits while preserving the good reputation of the business. The second, managers are in stress of finding qualified employees when positions open up. Rather than searching for candidates and interviewing them, managers can focus on their daily tasks and let the human resources department focus on the hiring process and background check. The hiring process is complex without human resource department. The next, it’s difficult for the managers to micromanage each aspect of the company. The managers won’t need to be as directly involved in time-consuming tasks such as recruitment, benefits package designing, developing and implementing personnel policies and procedures by adding a human resources department, nevertheless, the company can focus on other things such as increasing revenues and gaining market share.

Lastly, having a human resources department brings expertise that the company needs to grow and operate. Human resource specialists are trained in interviewing techniques, posting targeted job openings and identifying required talent. They also help ensure that the company complies with federal and state wellness standards. Some human resource specialist can handle a variety of human resources functions, providing oversight to other departments. The human resource department is also designing and implementing effective programs to orient employees and equip them with necessary skills. This allows the CEO and manager to focus on their business, knowing that all the other internal functions are taken care of. All these will an extra burden to the managers if not having human resource department.

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