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When travelling to a foreign country, some people live staying in internationally-recognised hotels, while others prefer to stay in small local hotels. Compare and contrast these two choices.

In modern days, an increasing number of people go overseas to have a trip. Naturally, there are two main kinds of accommodation for staying during their travels: internationally recognised hotels and small local hotels. Their goals are both providing guest with a comfortable living environment, even though they have different operation principles with their particular strengths. In this essay, internationally recognised hotels will be compared and contrasted with small local hotels. Although internationally recognised hotels can give higher quality of service, it is debatable that which one is always better.

These two choices short-term living environments actually have a variety of things in common. Firstly, when tourists check into hotels, their basic requirement is eating and quality of lifestyle. Without doubt, hotels can never develop without satisfying tourists’ simple needs. For example, the Hilton Corporate philosophy is to give those customers who believe in us with the best service. In addition, every hotel aims to offer the most convenient service including toiletries and linen leaving guests to only bring clothes or personal effects. Further more, they both try to add value through various supporting services. such as free of charge airport pick up transfer, free breakfast and tea and coffee refreshments.

The differences between can also be clearly identified. To begin with, the iconic difference is arguably price, which is one of the main basic drivers of customer accommodation choice decisions. The standard room’s price of Westin hotel in Beijing is 1263 yuan in March 2011 which can’t be afforded by a person whose salary is at the average level in China. The internationally recognized hotels location is usually in the downtown area of a city where plenty of people consume lots of goods and services. InterContinental Hotel Hong Kong is located in Kowloon locations on the waterfront, overlooking Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island, where is the heart place of Hong Kong. On the contrary, small hotels’ are situated in remote-spots where you can enjoy peace and quiet.

To match its high price, internationally recognised hotels always try to raise the quality of supporting services’ renovating their hotel structure to install supporting service as InterContinental Hotel which has a three-temperature warm infinity-edge spa pool, indoor and outdoor swimming pool with Asian-style pool terrace which open all year round and all day business center can meet all the needs of business meetings and negotiations. As a result, the space which an international hotel occupies is a great deal large than local hotels which don’t have specialized place to relax but may have a forest or little seashore nearby to feel the beauty of nature.

Not only do these two types of hotels differ in outdoor environments, but their indoor decorations and facilities also focus on different point. Even though local hotel’s decoration not as modern, fashionable and luxurious as internationally recognised hotel, they can present their local culture and give you more than you want. In Dunhuang, Shanxi Province where is famous of The Mogao grottoes, I have been there as a trip. I live in small hotel which is hosted by a local couple, the topic of the decoration in the room is closely related to the Buddhist culture and desert style: Buddha lights on the yellow and red ceiling, Lotus shaped cushions and even the sofa looks like a real camel.

Clearly, they both can give you a place for rest, maybe the procedure in local hotels is much easier than that of international hotels, but the perfect, enjoyable convenience and comfortable experience in internationally recognised hotel can really help you relax from the weariness of a long journey or create a hotel experience which is not to be missed. When I live in the InterContinental Sanya Resort, it expressed me deeply. It locates in a Private beach with a small mountain. It covers an area of 130,000 square meters where I can enjoy 7 cultural restaurants, 8 kinds of gyms and 20 main services without basic checking in. Hundreds of foods could be selected in the morning and I even don’t know where to go in the morning. It can be described as the most impressive hotel I have ever lived.

The choice of living in local hotels or internationally recognised hotels is selected by tourists, and therefore, travelers have a distinct purpose when they make a decision regarding accommodation. People who choose local hotels may want to sample the native cultural atmosphere and experience something new whereas alternatively other people want to be entirely relaxed and comfortable. In addition, people who just want to have fun will enjoy something they cannot have at home but you need prepare to have few problems if you stay in a small hotel. Living in the Everest base camp, I have known the normal hotels warm and solid. In the hotels, which also can be called camps, ten adults live in an small camps whose edge is just a thin layer of cloth. Only at 5000m in -10ÂşC with the threaten of lack of oxygen can you understand what is helpless. I am hard to believe that group of camps which have no water and no electricity resource, no normal restrooms and the best food is instant noodles can be called hotels. Further more, choosing more luxurious hotels will provide you with a meticulous and thoughtful service, while the small hotel may require more self-catering

In conclusion, it is strongly identified that International hotels provide a higher standard of facilities. However, everyone will have their own choice which is based on the trip’s purpose and available budget. The strength of each type of accommodation must be adapted to individual travel situations.

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