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A Warrior’s Letter about the monster Grendel in the story “Beowulf”

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Have you heard about Grendel, you must have? I’m so scared that one night; I’m going to be one of those poor souls who get devoured by that monster. I never told anyone this, but one night I stayed up and saw Grendel. Unlike my friends who were passed out on the ground from drinking too much, I was sober and witnessed everything. He snuck in through the doors like a thief in the night, that I hadn’t notice he was there until I heard blood dripping on the ground and bones cracking as the monster crunched away in them. I never got a close look at him because it was so dark, but I did see the shadow of his figure.

As I observed his ghastly shadow I saw that he was over 8 feet tall. He had huge claws so each on looked like a dagger itself, ripping and tearing at the flesh of my fellow companions. He had long horns that curled inwards like a rams horns. He had a long, scaly like tail that swung and whipped in the air followed by a flop on the ground in a joyless motion, as if it too, like the monster, was thrilled to taste the succulent human blood flowing over the tongue and trickling down the throat.

You could hear the munching of the bones, and insides accidentally dropping on the floor from the monster’s carelessness. You could almost hear the souls of my fellow men screaming for mercy as the beast devoured every scrap of their bodies. He went through man by man by man in a matter of minutes with the most utterly disgusting noise of horrible manners. I could hear him getting closer and closer to where the place I lay on the cold, chilling ground, praying that I will not be joining the deceased souls of my fellow comrades.

You could almost smell and taste the human blood and flesh that seemed to be drifting in the air. I could smell the devoured bodies and scraps that lay on the floor near me. I could taste the splatters of my comrade’s blood that happened to land in my tongue.

I could hear the beast getting closer and closer, as I became more and more scared as I lay on the floor, faking my sleep. I could feel the blood splatter on my face and legs as he happily devoured his gourmet full-course meal. Suddenly, I felt the huge dagger like claws, dripping with the blood of men; lift me up from my warmed-up spot on the rock ground. I could hear the snorting and sniffing of the beast as he investigated his next victim, which happened to be me. He brought me closer to his mouth, and I felt the hotness of his breathe breathing on the front of my neck. His large fangs dripping with salvia and blood fell onto my shivering chest. By now, I am frantically praying to the Lord for mercy on my soul, and I praise Him for than I saw the orange glow of the morning sun glare through my eyelids. The beast dropped me and scrambled over the bodies on the floor, forgetting some of the leftovers he missed. As I opened my eyes, I witnessed the devastation the beastly monster left behind.

Now as I replay this horrid memory over in my mind, I’m sick to my stomach. I must go now my dear friend and comrade. I hope we see each other soon.

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