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A Magical Trip to Disney World

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Spending quality time with my family is very important to me. I never realized it until a very magical trip to Disney World, Orlando, Florida. It was one of the most memorable times I have ever had with my family.

The trip started on the road from Danville, Illinois headed to Indianapolis, Indiana, so that we could catch an airplane to Florida. I remember all I could talk about was riding on an airplane for the first time. It was a road trip full of laughter, sing-alongs, and endless conversation. It was a lengthy trip, so we had to stop for gas and food. Once we stopped, my sister and I ran off to use the restroom.

While we were inside the stalls, we started talking about the trip. My sister said, “Charity some lady has on the same ugly shoes that Daddy wears.” I never got the chance to respond because my father answered with, “What are you two doing in the men’s bathroom!?” We were laughing so hard that we could not even talk to give a response. For the remainder of the trip, we all joked about what happened. It was just the perfect start of a great trip.

Once we arrived at the airport, it seemed as if we came on the busiest day of the week! We had to maneuver around all of the people in order to check our bags and make it to the other side of the airport on time. I remember being amazed at the size of the airport and the fast pace that everything was moving. At one point while we were maneuvering, I focused on my fathers’ royal blue suitcase.

What I was actually thinking about was getting some ice cream. I kept repeating, “Daddy can we go and get some ice cream please?” After a few times of asking that question, I looked up and realized that the suitcase did not belong to my father! The suitcase belonged to a young woman who was just as surprised to see me as I was to see her. I immediately started to panic and look for my family. When I spotted them they were close by laughing hysterically.

As we boarded the plane we discovered that we had different seat sections. After trading seats with a few friendly strangers, we were ready for takeoff. I was ecstatic being that it was my first time on an airplane. When the plane took off I felt a pain in my ears. I was confused and started complaining to my mother. Luckily, a nice older lady overhead and offered me some chewing gum. To my surprise, it took away my pain and was very tasty!

Nearing Disney World, my sister and I were glued to the window in awe. It was the most beautiful sight we have ever seen. There was so much to do. We started off with the small rides as a warm-up. Thankfully, we made all of the height requirements to ride all of the big roller coasters. It felt like we were in a magical land with all of the different Disney characters walking around. After eating an amazing meal, we went to view Mickey Mouse’s house. It was just how we had imagined it, and they gave us Mickey Mouse ears to wear. Once we had done just about everything, we rushed to the see the Magical Castle. To our disappointment it was closed. We were upset but we felt we had enough souvenirs and pictures to make us happy.

Leaving the theme park we felt we had done so much; from the rides to eating all the food, to all of the fun we had. There was so many things that we would remember forever. One of the things we would remember the most is the quality family time we spent. Just that alone made it a trip to remember.

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