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7 Powerful Values that Make a Soldier

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Value is a belief one thinks to be true which forms a priority of life. Each of the Army Values direct toward the purpose of the Army. Hence, The Army Values reflect the essence of the Army as an organization. As a Solider of the Army, it is important for a Soldier to know and demonstrate the Army Values. Because organization is a group of individuals gathered together for the same particular purpose, understanding the Army Values can guide Soldiers to execute missions accurately. Army Doctrine Publication says “It is the intent of Congress to provide an Army that is capable, in conjunction with the other armed forces, of (1) preserving the peace and security (…) (4) overcoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the United States. “ (ADP-1, Ch1). This purpose shapes the Seven Army Values. The objective of this essay is to teach Soldiers what Seven Army Values mean in deeper level.

Defining Army Values

The Army has Seven Army Values; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Loyalty is a sincere faith on the US constitution, unit, and subordinates. It is a belief which comes from trusting higher organizations that they will make a right decision. Duty is a responsibility of one’s presence. It is fulfilling the obligation assigned for Soldier as an individual. Respect is treating people in a way of admitting, recognizing, and understanding. Selfless Service is putting the welfare of others above one’s own. It is an exercise of dedication and scarification for others. Honor is a standard of conduct which has a greater meaning than materialistic matter. Integrity is conducting and adjusting a behavior that suits legal and moral standard. Finally, Personal Courage is an ability to face fear and difficulty with strong purpose, reason, and motivation.

Reasons for Living Up to Army Values

There are reasons on why Soldiers have to live up to the Army Values. Because the United States Army believes in the peace and security of the United States, Soldiers must understand why Seven Army Values relate to the mission. Loyalty is critical to the missions because loyalty establishes trust among all Soldiers. Duty in every level is important because as one team, duty of one Soldier directly affects the other Soldiers. Respect is vital for the Army Mission, because respect is the first step towards the solution to any conflicts. Selfless Service is foundation of the Army Mission, because some must fight against threats to gain and maintain peace. Honor is essential because Soldiers often fall into situations where they must give up materialistic aspects to obtain greater values. Integrity is necessary in the Army because integrity creates sincere respect towards Soldiers. Finally, Personal Courage is significant for the Soldiers because in necessary of war, Courage is what makes Soldiers able to fight.

Examples on How to Apply Army Values

There are many ways to exercise the Army Values in different level of leadership. Listening to the chain of commands and agreeing with their decisions based off of concession are ways of performing Loyalty. Operating assigned tasks by certain due date is a way of completing Duty. Trying to learn different cultures in advance is a method of Respect. Volunteering for extra duties and putting other Soldiers’ needs first are behave of Selfless Service. Serving the country in any way is a conduct of Honor. Being honest regardless of situation is a proof of Integrity.

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