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5 Reasons why people travel

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Travelling is one of the most favourite hobbies of people around the world. But why they like to travel and how they enjoy the travelling experience is not the same. Just as we like the same things for different reasons in our life, when it comes to travelling also people have different perspectives and ideas about it. Let’s explore some of the reasons why people like to travel.

1) Relaxation is one main reason people like to travel. After a whole year of earning a living some like to spend some of of that hard earned money to unwind and revitalise the body and the mind. It may be a destination of their preference in their own country or a foreign country. Those who like to travel to relax have a tendency of visiting the same place over and over again so they do not have to adjust each time they travel.

Why people travel

2) Visiting family and friends is another reason why people like to travel. If some of the family members live away from you or if one of your best friends had migrated to a new country you will be keen to visit them and get yourself updated with what is happening in their lives. Even though there are many sources of electronic means to keep in touch with those who are away from you, nothing can beat the experience meeting your loved ones in the flesh. When they visit the loved ones they always try to kill two birds with one stone as they do not forget to see the hot spots of the country and the surroundings of the area the host lives. Also on the other hand their loved ones are dedicated to entertain the visitors.

3) Romance motivate some of the travellers to take off on an air plane to go to a different country. One might be trying to woo the other person by travelling to a romantic destination such as Paris in order to impress and also enhance their romance being in one of the most romantic places on earth. Or maybe the two might be already in love and want to enjoy the atmosphere of a romantic city.

4) Honeymooners also love to travel away from their comfort zone to indulge in romance and explore a new city. There are some destinations specifically named as honeymoon destinations and there are even hotels specially dedicated to welcome and pamper the honeymooners. Most of these hotels have hotel rooms decorated with a romantic theme and do their best to keep the new couple comfortable and happy.

5) Travelling for religious reasons also quite common among the travellers. The pious devotees of any religion love to visit the religious sites that they hold in high regard. Especially when you get older the only wish of some devotees is to visit the holy cities or places of worship before they die.

Whatever the reason you travel it can be a wonderful experience to anybody. As humans enjoy new experiences it is considered as one of the most enjoyable experiences

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