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Why Teenager Rebel Their Parents

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Many people often have argument with their parents when they are teenager. People seem way more hard to deal with when they are teenager. Especially with parents and teacher. It seem that when people are teenager, they just want to rebel who ever control them. It seem that they want freedom so much that they don’t even care about they may hurting the people who love them. What cause the teenager rebellious, and what make it end as fast when they become adult? Through my research there was couple reason cause the teenager rebellious

The frist factor that cause teenager rebellious is teenagers are young and naive. When people at teenage, they are not as mature as their parents are. Their parents mostly likely have more life experience then their children. But at the same time teenage are a period of time that people start to have more thinking ability. People often want to decide their life more. And because the lack of life experience, they will have a different point of view then their parents.For example, many teenagers want to drive the day they were 16. But their parents as a very mature adult may think a 16 years old teenager that still only study in highschool driving a car on freeway with 75mph is very improper. But when the parents try to explain to those teenagers, the miscommunication happen. It happen all the time, usually end very bad.

At teenagers point of view they believe that they had already old enough that could take responsibility of themselves. On the other hand at parents point of view, those teenagers are just not mature enough to understand that going 75mph on a free way may end up killing someone, or simply because they don’t their children get injury. Most of the time either side could not convince each other at the argument, more and more teenagers will start to not want to listen their parents anymore.

Anther reason that cause teenager rebellious is teenagers are irritable. Most teenagers are very emotional, the lack of appreciate make them very arrogant. Since they are a baby, their parents were trying to take care of them in every different way. Parents prepare food for them, buy them cloth, sent them to school, buy them the stuff that entertainment them, give them their own room, even give them more money then they really need. All those love form parents with no questions asked, make those teenagers very arrogant and forget those offer were deepest love . For example, if a teenagers had a bad day at school, they most likely will bring that unhappy back to home. And of course their parents will ask them what happen. But most of the time teenagers don’t want to talking about their life outside home, and most likely they will feel their parents very irritate. What they don’t understand is the only reason their parents care about them is because their parents love them, their parents not going to ask other kid why they have a bad day because they don’t care about other people.

Parents love their children so much so often that their children get use to it, it make the children feel like that it was the sunlight and the air, it will always come no matter what happen. The lack of appreciate make them very irritable and not respect their parents as they suppose to.

The last but most important factor that cause teenager rebellious is pressure. Teenagers have pressure all the time, and its not the pressure life give to them. Its the pressure they give themselves. As a child turn into a teenager, they will begin to understand that life is hard and painful. They will start think what will they do for living when they become adult, what person they will become, what kind of job they will have, what happen if they don’t even like that kind of job, are they going to collage or not, are they suppose go to collage or should they just try to learn a skill that they like.

Teenage are often have to make some decision that may change their whole life, and they feel the pressure behind it because they don’t wanna regret the decision after they have already done. Further more, the fear its going to bring more pressure. Those teenagers are very young, they never had those pressure before. They don’t know how to deal with those pressure and often release it on their parents. Most of the time teenagers are not really not agree with their parents, they just want to bring up a fight so they could release on their parents. For example, today john’s mother ask him what major do john want to have in collage. If john answer “I don’t know” then his mother most likely going to give him some advice. As and adult we are very appreciate if someone give us any advice. But as a
teenager, under the pressure that they never had experience before, those teenagers many response in a very improper way, such as “Stop worry about me.” or “I’m not a child anymore, I know what I want” even “Could you stop bothering me.” The pressure make teenagers very emotional and impatience.

All in all, teenager rebel their parents because they are naive,arrogant and irritable, and under a lot of pressure. But Simple because teenager may do some really bad thing, that does not mean they are bad person, most teenager just feel lost. They had fear of the future, they don’t know what to do, they don’t know what they can do and they don’t know who to trust. They worry about what life will become after highschool. But once they become adult and know the meaning of life, understand how to deal with pressure and start to appreciate a lot of thing that they have, the rebel will stop immediately. And that is exactly the difference between adult and teenager.

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