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Where I Feel Safe

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The place that I feel safe and protected the most is the place where I live in the place where I grew in my home. How does my house look? And does its stucture make me feel safe? Having my family around gives me a sence of security. People feeling and opinions when they visit our house. Can I feel safer anywhere else? Conclusion – Feeling safe depends on the place you are in, who is there, and hoe people act in it. So you can’t feel safe anywhere, any time. Usually people have a special place that they feel protected in. The place that I feel safest and protected in the most is the place where I live in, the place where I grew up my home. When I step inside the house and close our big door that’s when I feel safe and relief. I look around me and recognizing everything, walking through the guest living room, then entering the dining room that has a rectargular shade table with eight chairs around it.

This is where we all gather for lunch and dinner, after that I get into the living room leaving the place with the delicious aroma on my right. I use the stairs to go to my favorite place of my home; it is the room that has my warm comfortable bed; fluffy pillows and cozy blanket-that’s where I end up relaxing everyday. When I hear the soundof my brothers and sisters playing and shouting and the sound of my mom’s step walking around the house to make sure everything is all right. Hearing therer sounds around me makes me feel that I’m not alone and I’ll always be safe with them. At the end of the day everyone waits to hear the sounds of my dad saying, I’m home” after he comes back from work. So everyone goes over to give him a hug and feel his warm arms around us and smell his clogne, that’s when I really feel safer to. I love my mom and dad they always make me feel safe.

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