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What is Trypanophobia?

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This phobia is a common phobia for most people out there in the world, what this phobia means is that people are afraid of Needles or Injections. Some people can handle needles or injections but others just can’t they get so worked up over these things that they eventually just avoid the doctors or some medical treatment or just faint. Being afraid of theses sharp objects can cause a lot of medical concerns to doctors because if something bad happens to the patient such as injury to where they have to be brought into the E.R. they will probably not even go because of the needles that need to be injected in them so ease the pain from that injury. There is a lot of evidence saying how to treat this phobia and what else this phobia can do or how people can come across getting this phobia.

How do people get this phobia throughout their lives to become afraid of injections or needles? The only way that people can obtain this phobia is at a young age witnessing a procedure at a doctor’s office that involves needles or injections to others. They can be witnessing this event first or second hand either being the one getting the injections or watching someone. Some other ways that people become a trypanophobia is by being restrained or controlled which is a result of repressive uprising. One of the worst things that can possibly make someone also a trypanophobia is by being around someone who is a poor handler of needles. Some symptoms to keep an eye out for someone who is a trypanophobia is the feelings of dread panic, automatic or uncontrollable reactions, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, trembling, and extreme avoidance of doctors office.

There are different fears or phobias around in the world and there are different ways to treat those problems the most common treatment that a lot of people did was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this is a therapy process that makes the patient go face their fears straight up. The one problem with this treatment is that it can lead to people getting injured or even leading to death. But if this treatment don’t work for people then they will be afraid of needles/injections for the rest of their lives which can be bad because if something comes up to where they need treatment then they will avoid it because of the needles. But according to therapists the best time to treat this phobia is early on before it gets any worse than what it is. For Trypanophobia patients the only treatment that is best for them is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy because really the only way is to face them straight up and not avoid them. Trypanophobia is one of the few phobias that cause people to faint. When people see needles the rapid acceleration and resultant deceleration of heart rate or blood pressure is what goes through someone with trypanophobia and later then causes them to faint. The treatment for this phobia is to meet with a doctor who is going to be administrating an injection or presence of needles. When the patients are going through treatment they are realizing that their fears were not grounded or imminent dangers to them.

So now the question is still what is Trypanophobia? Well as said in the past paragraphs I explained what the meaning of this phobia is and how people somehow come across being afraid of these things. Also I have told you about what the treatment process is for this phobia also. Many people may eventually overcome their fears and many people may not but the only way that they can overcome them is to face them straight up.

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