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Understanding Community and Individual Health Belief

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Health is not only the absence of disease it’s much more than that. To me, it is the thing that I am most grateful for in every aspects of my life. Which includes all the contributions I can offer to my community and the word of encouragements that I can give to a lonely peer on campus. It is the manifestation of taking care of one’s self- from nourishing meals to consciousness of tension. Health is a broad but important term to taken care of.

Health will be outlined as physical state, mental health, and social well-being, and as a resource for living. It refers to the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems. Factors for good health include the environment, relationships, and education. In which the environment we live has a crucial role in maintaining good health. If our environment is not clean enough to prevent bacterial or virus transmission then the life near it would be difficult, there will be frequent health issues for the people living near, so to stay healthy environment should be clean always. And a good relationship always offers a good mental health, relationship that has issues, directly or indirectly it affects our entire health. And educated people will be conscious of health which will lead to routine check-ups and to stay healthy and make their lives live fully.

As for me, a clean mind makes a healthy body. Back in India public is less cared about their individual health. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), Household air pollution is the second one biggest environmental-health threat amongst low and middle-earnings nations, estimated to be accountable for three,8 million deaths in 2016 (6,7% of total mortality) (Frequently Asked Questions about Ambient and Household Air Pollution and Health, n.d.). There are no routine check-ups done by every individual in India because they don’t give much care to their health and most of them do not have enough resources to meet these routine check-ups. they only go to a physician, if there is any issue with their health. Health of an individual is maintained if there are routine check-ups, healthy diet and physical exercise are done. There are many traditional ways of curing health issues in India. Which are very useful. They are traditional Ayurveda methods, which has fewer side effects on our body. Likewise, more methods are practiced back in India. India has assorted health care machine in which each public sector, personal region health care providers (HCPs) exist and HCPs practice both allopathic and indigenous structures (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha) of medicine (Sreeramareddy et al., 2012).

Therapeutic existence may need to be a critical awareness of mental, clinical, and public fitness (APA PsycNet, n.d.). Mental health is very important in an individual’s life. When talking about mental health it’s the way you think and act to a situation, which is taken as consideration for the mental health measuring criteria. For instance, somebody who is healthy mentally is ready to operate unremarkable in our society and be ready to be a helpful piece in today’s world. When considering somebody who is physically healthy likewise, they might ideally be in comparatively fine condition, fitness wise, have a healthy digestive system, and be ready to take excellent care of themselves.

Helping others is the key to happiness. Studying nursing makes me acquire the knowledge of how the body works and how important health is, to a human being. And to help others in a professional way so they are benefitted by me and my knowledge. So, in the beginning of my nursing journey this is what health means to me.

Observing the statement as an individual, health issues or as a word “health” has its own importance in social as well as in personal view. For a person, it’s his duty to maintain good health. When an individual maintains his or her health, it serves the community for better social wellbeing. With 28% of Australia’s population having a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) history, the health system faces an increasing venture to provide handy and culturally equipped health care (Henderson & Kendall, 2011). Health is not only a biological perspective but also cultural, social, spiritual and psychological perspective. So, if an individual is concerned about health and maintaining it, one will be a vital part in building a better social being and self-sufficient. Social and personal resources in context with health are, firstly make use of social resources to self-improving the standards of health. This is making use of the resources that are given by the government and utilizing it in a way in which we can improve our quality of life. Likewise, personal resources for a person is to improve mainly the self-efficacy beliefs, which mean an individual believing in his or her abilities or capacity to execute or the ability to control over one’s own, drives, behaviour, and social environment.

Food is intimately certain up with social relations, consisting of the ones of strength, of inclusion and exclusion, in addition to with cultural thoughts classification, the human body and the that means of fitness (Caplan, 1997). Making higher selections by way of restricting alcohol, sugar, salt and fats. It appears that, by means of prevention, the health and social care secretary approach people ought to take greater duty for their very own behaviour – by way of making extra healthy picks, and less bad ones. Although individuals must play a vital function in maintaining their personal health, they ought to no longer be held completely responsible for it. If obligation for health rests both with people or with society, it follows that society must additionally assist to promote fitness and save you from sickness. Personal fitness refers to the wellbeing of the individual. While private fitness care is supplied to humans’ folks who are not able to attend to themselves. The level of fitness carrier utilization ought to be advanced by enhancing predictors of health care use like bodily accessibility (Girma et al., 2011). Personal Health is the ability to take price of your health via making aware selections to be healthful.

The inescapable links between people and their surroundings constitutes the basis for a socioecological approach to fitness. (“The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion,” 2016). Changing patterns of life, work and amusement have a substantial impact on fitness. Work and amusement must be a supply of fitness for people. The manner society organizes work must help create a healthy society. Enabling humans to examine, at some point of life, to put together themselves for all its levels and to address continual illness and accidents is essential. This must be facilitated in college, home, paintings and network settings. Action is required via academic, professional, industrial and voluntary our bodies, and inside the institutions themselves.

To a community, health is a major thing and with good health, communities will have a better quality of life. According to WHO the health is defined as, “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This clearly explains of how a community should maintain good health. If the community has all facilities that can promote good health, it will strengthen the society. It includes health services that promote physical health such as fitness centres, recreational centres to ease their stress. The society should be aware of all the resources that is made available. The health services implemented should be effective, safe, people-centred, timely, equitable, integrated and efficient. Effective means to provide health care services for those who need it. Safe is avoiding damage to individuals for whom the care is meant and reducing the chance of inessential damage related to health care to a suitable minimum.

Work schedules and own family commitments are frequently pronounced by using carriers as boundaries to healthy lifestyle (Jackson et al., 2012). People –centred is adopting the views of people, carers, families and communities as participants in, and beneficiaries of, trusty health systems that are organized on the excellent desires of people, instead of individual diseases, which respect social preferences. Timely will be sometimes harmful delays for both those who receive and those who give care, so always timely health care is appreciated. For instance, in Australia humans living in far and rural areas had restrained get right of entry to health offerings in comparison with those living inside the metropolitan areas (Moorin & Holman, 2006). Equitable means providing care that does not vary in quality on account of age, sex, gender, race, ethnicity, geographical location, religion, socioeconomic status, linguistic or political affiliation. Integrated is to providing care that is coordinated across the entire spectrum of health care services and providers and makes available the full range of health services throughout the life course. Efficient is maximizing the benefit of available resources and avoiding waste. These are the methods to how to uphold the community health.

There are many organizations like International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Oxfam International, Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE), etc in Australia. The goal of these organizations is to help and maintain health and better quality of life. Their functions are very much effective to most of the people in the world. And world health organization (WHO) plays a crucial role in supporting health and developing the community resources for health. Organizations which look after the environment also plays an important role in building the health of a community because a clean environment can give good health to an individual and communities resources should be used properly and proper instructions are given on how to use its, by these organizations.

On Ottawa charter for health promotion conference by WHO, the requirement for fundamental conditions and resources for health are peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable eco-system, sustainable resources, social justice, and equity. (Garvis & Pendergast, 2014). So, if the entire above mentioned are maintained properly then the quality of life in a community will in good condition and health will be a positive concept mainly social and personal resources.

No one should be sick or die due to lack of right treatment. Health as a fundamental right is that without any distinction of any religion, race, sex and economic standards. But distance to healthcare services is a regarded barrier to get admission to (Buzza et al., 2011). The treatment should be given to all for any health issues they suffer. Health as a fundamental right is one’s freedom to live their life freely and healthy.

“The right to health, as with other rights, includes both freedoms and entitlements. Freedoms include the right to control one’s health and body (for example, sexual and reproductive rights) and to be free from interference (for example, free from torture and non-consensual medical treatment and experimentation). Entitlements include the right to a system of health protection that gives everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy the highest attainable level of health.” (World, 2017)

Millions of humans global are uncovered to arsenic in their drinking water, and arsenic is a nicely documented cause of many serious health effects (Smith et al., 2012). Safe drinking water and sanitations and safe working conditions. All these also plays role in attaining a standard of health. The barriers for attaining high standard of health is of many sorts, there are the lifestyle a community is being brought up on not using the health resources. There may be financial criteria to reach the standard of health, which must be taken up by the government to assure the standard of health. Attempts to explain socioeconomic inequalities in fitness have regularly made reference to the remark that negative fitness behaviours and psychosocial characteristics cluster in low socioeconomic reputation (SES) businesses (Lynch et al., 1997). There may have situations where resources are available, and people are needed of them but due to some reasons they can’t reach the health resource, for example if there are pandemic situations occurring then the above mentioned will be the case.

So, if barriers like this come in between, then the highest standard of health cannot be attained. For a person health is a basic thing in life so all must look after it very seriously. So, by making this as a fundamental right all can access or get the correct guidance or help from the authorities. And to achieve all these there should be constant monitoring of persons in state wise country wise etc. Then only the required standard of health can be achieved easily. Since this is a basic thing the country can develop by maintaining the standard of health, because countries with healthy people are strength of that country.

So, by overcoming the barriers we can achieve highest standard of health, as a fundamental right it makes it easy.


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