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Tuesdays with Morrie Recommendation

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Beautifully presented indeed was what we could say to the story, Tuesdays With Morrie. Written perfectly with memories full of teaching, lessons in life. Described flawlessly that made everyone’s heart be captured of how beautiful life could tell us, how appealing it is to everyone’s minds to learn lessons and realize flaws divinely, and how arresting it could be to one’s soul to touch every wretch.

The book, Tuesdays With Morie, was actually written out of the author’s experience. Mitch Albom purposely put it into writing for he believes that it is worth for everyone to learn the lessons he had from the past. It was his best way to reveal how beautiful life is and how much lessons we could possibly ever have to each and every chapter of our lives. But with what we believe in, one way of his writing ruined a part of the story’s greatness. Such way of writing was the idea that the author wrote it like some sort of a diary.

Yes, it was great to share among readers that such actually happened in reality by mere of fact that he wrote it that way. But he could have written it idea-by-idea, story-by-story, and lesson-by-lesson. This isn’t a Princess Diaries sort of thing and it must be more of it. Like the book, The Secrets –where we could learn much of things about the secrets of success in love, family, friends, and anything that matters most it life. It was written through idea by idea.

We’ve known the hardships of life, but it hurts us more to know the fact behind the story that he had learn it from a dying friend. It gives pleasure and pain at one and the same time –pleasure from the great learning and pain from the dying Morrie. It was actually like saying that great lessons are learned behind suffering. The author could have written it lesson by chapter, just mere of the thought. And if he wanted it really to make us be informed that it was written out of his author, he could mention it part of the book, maybe in the first part or at then end part. As the saying say, “some words are better left unsaid”, and that “less talk, less mistake.”

Amazed we were that Oprah Winfrey was the producer of the story. It only shows that story was more of a great and worth producing for the viewers. Great actors and actresses it has in the movie. Directed properly but not really that satisfactorily. There was a mistake portrayed in the movie though, but that isn’t the focus of this recommendation. But what was even more of a dismay was, it wasn’t depicted as chronological as what the book has. The book was some of a flashback and the movies was even a flashback of the flashbacks. This was actually the problem of making movies from a book, most of them tried to modify it for some reasons until they got the point of ruining the greatness of the story most specially if the viewer of the movie had already read the book beforehand. If they could have followed the book exactly, disappointment from the readers could have been lessened.

Nowadays, some people have lots of time to have a sit and utilize some of their time in watching series. Like our very own Filipino Teleserye, we tend to be fond of them. And for stories like the Tuesdays With Morrie, it has a lot to say and we believe if some would make a series for it. Though it won’t last that much like the Vampire Diaries Series that has now it’s 4th season, but the story is much for a movie and less for a series. But for series, we know that lessons would be depicted better, happenings would be portrayed more detailed, and appreciation to viewer would last longer.

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