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Three Strategies on How to Improve Your Memory

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While there are many strategies that you can work on, I have chosen three strategies to focus on for this short pamphlet.


• Create strategic ways to remember things.

• Remember in pictures

• “Talk” through things in your head.

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Three Strategies for Improving Your Memory


Will Werner

Three Strategies on How to improve your memory


Figure out “mnemonic” devices that best suit you. i.e. : Relate an area/volume math equation, to a past experience such as measuring the dimensions of a bed.

Or reflect on a past conversation that you had with someone, to maybe have some cues to talk to them again. i.e. : “How’s school been”? etc.

2. Remember in pictures

“If you don’t know where to go, or don’t know what to do, guess what? It’s not the end of the world! If you’re on the family road trip, and you made the wrong turn, or you are stuck on a test problem that you just worked on the other day in class, there’s only one thing you can do. Think back! Try to picture where you turned the last time, and what was around it, like a McDonald’s, or a specific gas station, etc. [pic][pic] And in regards to the math problem, maybe try to visualize what the numbers in the answers were, and how it looked on the chalk when it was worked through it in class, etc.

3. “Talk” through things in your head.

If you’re struggling with finding your car keys, just “talk” yourself in your head. “I always put them in either in my pocket or on my dresser or on the hook in the pantry”. “Now let me think which one?”

If you know your Mom’s birthday is this month, but you can remember the exact day, “talk” your self through it. “Well, my sister’s date is the 20th and my Dad’s is the 26th, that only leaves the 9th left for my family.”

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