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Thirty Eight who saw murder didn’t call the police

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Although most people do not like to even get involved in another persons problems, we as citizens have a personal duty to attempt to help or call the police if we notice someone getting attacked. Catherine Genovese arrived home to her apartment building in Queens late one night to the chock of a man attacking her. The man stabbed her with a knife and left her for dead. He returned twice in a time period just over half an hour to finish her off. The police received not one call until after Catherine died from her wounds while it only took them two minutes to arrive on the scene. The people who witnessed the attack on Catherine reflect as cowards, showed nothing but selfishness, and hold partial responsibility of Catherin’es painful death.

First of all, Catherine’s neighbors acted like cowards by ignoring such an important and deadly situation. One man claim sthat he called a friend across town for advice on the matte and then walked across the building to try and push the burden of calling the police off on an elderly woman. Another woman exclaimed that she would not allow her husband to get involved and made the attack out as just a lover’s quarrel. Yet another man claims that he simply went back to bed rather than dealing with the matter.

Secondly, Catherine’s neighbors not wanting to get involved show their despicable selfishness. It would have takedn just one selfless act of kindness and respect for human life to have simply called the police to deal with the attack. One man yelled from the window to leave her alone but still did not bother to call for help.

Finally, Catherine’s selfish and cowardly neighbors should hold partial moral responsibility for her gruesome murder. If any one neighbor had shown kindness enough to call the police when Catherine’s screams first bellowed, she most likely would not have died that day. The killer returned two times in a half hour period after the initial attack and stabbed her each time yet not a single person attmepted to help. These so called respectable law abiding citizens lackadaisical attitude toward such a fatal catastrophe holds them partly responsible for the murder they could have prevented.

In conclusion, Catherine’s death describes her neighbors as cowards, showing pure selfishness, and they should all assume moral responsibility for her murder. Such an insane even should never have happened, and the fact that it happened reflects badly upon American society as a whole.

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