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The Spider and the Wasp

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Expository writing is a type of essay which is made to describe or define and explain a certain topic to the target audience or the general public. One good example of this type of writing style is the essay entitled The Spider and the Wasp by Alexander Petrunkevitch because mainly of its composition and its clear and concise objective. In this essay, the author is interested to the relationship between the species of the insect as represented by the wasp and the spiders represented by the tarantula and how their instinct govern the dominance and survival of one specie over the other. With the fluent composition and format of the said essay The Spider and the Wasp, it was able to educate its target readers about the nature of the relationship between the two and describe the role of the basic instincts to the survival of living creatures.

The essay entitled The Spider and the Wasp is clearly a good example of expository writing because of several reasons one of which is its basic format and presentation format. The essay mainly has the basic introduction, body paragraphs to explain the topic and a conclusion to summarize its ideas and thoughts. With this format, readers can follow the topic of the essay and clearly understand what it is about. Also, the nature of the composition alongside the style of the author which is presenting the topic and its explanation in its basic structure makes the expository essay more clear and concise. Readers without any background knowledge about the topic can understand the essay because it is written in plain language and concepts.

Through taking in a beginner’s point-of –view in writing the essay, the author was able to catch the interest of the readers and share with them the enthusiasm he has about the topic. In addition, the organizational structure applied in the text is indeed ideal as it was able to describe and explain all of the critical details in the event of contact between the insect and the spider. Its structure of description and sequential indeed explained all of the instinctive reactions of the two in the process of contact. Through this composition approach, the essay was able to seize the enthusiasm and interest of the people in the topic making the said essay an ideal example of expository writing.

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