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The Sacrament Of Matrimony

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Marriage is a covenant “by which a man and woman establish between themselves a partnership for the whole of life” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1601). Of the Seven Holy Sacraments held by the Catholic Church, I personally place a special regard to the sacrament of Matrimony as it is the sacrament which marks the beginning of a new family of God. It has just been really sad that the sacrament that was originally, and supposed to be celebrated in the most solemn way possible has evolved in a manner that it has become just a matter of a traditional ceremony. For centuries, the sacrament of Matrimony has gradually lost its spiritual value as more couples separate, more men and women come to the altar for financial security reasons and more so, for the sake of the baby’s name.

            “During the joining of man and woman, a mystery of the union of two opposite sexes takes place as if they are blended into one living being, one body.” (A Mileant) I am not too particular with the elements of the sacrament of Matrimony as it is being celebrated today. My concern is how the spiritual element of the sacrament has been missing. The Bible is clear and direct to the point: that marriage is for the union of two opposite sexes.

This is not to offend the homosexuals and the bisexuals but the sacrament of matrimony is not supposed to be taken by people of the same sex. That is, I strongly disagree with priests who participate and tolerate the union of both sexes in the sacrament of matrimony. In the first place, sacrament is a sacred celebration and thus needs to be accomplished according to how the Holy Bible instructs us to do. When it comes to obeying God, it has to be no more, no less.

            Another thing that is to be placed special attention to by the Catholic Church is that the age of the man and a woman who desire to be married should be just a minor consideration. “In order for a Christian marriage to take place, the man and woman must be capable of entering into such a sacrament.” (T. Richstatter) This statement is true and correct but lacks the an element that makes the sacrament of Matrimony truly a spiritually meaningful one: man and woman must not only have the capacity but the willingness and preparedness to take the vow of living with each other and loving each other “until death do they part.”

Before the wedding ceremony, the priest must have an assurance that the partners have thought of entering into the married life many times and that they are willing to be married. Counseling for several months must be a strict requirement and that a rushed wedding must not be tolerated. This is to increase the probability that they are going to marry each other for no other reasons than pure love.

            Lastly I would like to have a little consideration to that part of the celebration where the priest will be asking the attendees who among them are against the conduct of the wedding ceremony, and that whoever has any concern are given the chance to speak. I suggest that this part of the ceremony must be taken out as it brings shame not only to the partners but also to their families.

Another thing is that it disregards the sanctity of the sacrament as it is being disturbed by morally concerned issues. If there has been any disagreement to the union of the partners the issues should be brought out to the office of the priest before the wedding day. The wedding is being published and noticed to the pubic thru the Church months or at least days before the wedding day. That time must be enough for the concerned to bring out their issues. No one and nothing should bring the celebration into a mess during the sacrament of matrimony.


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The Holy Bible. King James Version

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