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The now wedding case

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The “Now” Wedding—Part A*
1. Using a yellow sticky approach (see p. 153), develop a project network for the “Now” Wedding.
2. Create a schedule for the wedding using MS Project. Can you reach the deadline of January 21 for the “Now” Wedding? If you cannot, what would it cost to make the January 21 deadline and which activities would you change? I can’t reach the deadline of January 21 for the “Now” Wedding. Acticities changing:

If we don’t consider the work time &office hours, such as seamstress, post office and so on.. We can reach the deadline for 01/21 by changing.

Ordering and receiving the dress material: We could get the material here in 5 days if we paid an extra $20 to airfreight it. sewing dresses: we could cut that down to 6 days at a cost of $48 for each day less than 11 days. the invitations ordering and receiving: in 6 days if we slipped him an extra $20! Addressing the invitation: We could probably save 2 days by spending $40 for each day saved by hiring some part-time girls.

Airfrieght 20.00
Seamstress 240.00
Invitation Incentive20.00
Invitations Help 80.00
Possible Budget Overruns$360.00
If the relative resources are not enough, we can make the bridesmaid coming early, but it need pay more $1000 for flying.

The “Now” Wedding—Part B*
The wedding can’t still take place on January 21.
There would be no conflict caused by the Chairman of the Vestry Committee not reducing the notice period from 14 to 7 days and I would not have recommended using the extra funds to reduce the notice period as the requirement for 14 days notice has been met by depositing the funds to secure the room on the 1st of January. Since the Wedding is scheduled for the 21st of January, there is no need to reduce the notice period. If the project were started on January 1, the Mother getting the flu would not have impacted the guest list completion as it would have been completed by January 2. Since this is the first stage of the entire project, the suggestions would have been made that the mother, bride and all of the attendants get together the night of the 1st and make a complete list. It is not until this list is completed that any plans can be made including ordering the invitations, cakes, catering, etc…

Since the invitations would have been ordered on the 2nd of January, the Bride would have had an extra few days in the delivery of the invitations. The extra day for print would be compensated for by reducing the addressing phase and rather than asking for paid part-time help, there would be another get together on the night of the 9th to get all of the invitations addressed thereby reducing the number of days down to one. When the material and lace were lost in transit then the recommendation would be to have the Bride cancel the order, receive the funds back from the lost order and take all bridesmaids and Maid of Honor to a local bridal store and purchase dresses. With a three day shipping time on dresses there would still be time to have fittings and alterations done. The lace can be replaced locally and fitted while waiting for the dresses to be delivered.

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