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The Negative Impact of the Creation of the Internet on the Generation of Young Lazy Kids and Teens

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The creation of the internet has resulted in a generation of young lazy kids and teens. Teenagers often find themselves texting instead of calling, being unable to write a proper sentence without shorting of words, and unable to carry on a conversation face to face. More and more people find themselves awkward and uncomfortable in social situations and often turn to their phones, to get out of actually interacting. New apps are being created everyday giving kids opportunities of not having to go out and interact with each other face to face. All forms of social media now have the option of being able to live stream whatever you are doing with all your friends, there is face time, calling, texting, sending pictures, videos that will be seen for 24 hours. I believe all of these social media sites have caused young people to become lazy. “I think it’s the death of an actual civilized conversation. It’s skipping a lot of steps. You don’t get to know people they way you would if you actually spent time with them.” -Justine Harman.

Snapchat, Facebook, FaceTime, and Instagram are all ways of communication and sharing parts of your lives with others. Snapchat offers small “rewards” for using the apps every day. Snapchat allows you to post publicly to anyone on your friends list and be able to see everything you do, without actually having to be there. It makes them feel as if they are a part of your life even if you don’t talk. Friendships are starting to fall apart, because they are not being based on the way you are treated or how well you get along but based on the length of snap streaks, and the number of followers or “friends” on your social media. “Are you frustrated that you don’t have many Instagram followers? If you want to get Instagram famous, you need to focus on ways to get your photos noticed.” -Emil Pakarkils Kids in our parents’ generation were forced to go outside and interact with their friends, doing activities such as riding bikes, playing tag, going to the park, basketball, and use of their imagination. Kids now days have the option to go outside or to stay inside and watch TV or play on phones, or iPads. Now days we don’t have to leave our house to study for the test we can just find books online, we don’t even have to go to the store to find clothes we can just have them shipped to our front porch. We don’t have tutors come to our house or meet at the library anymore, you can now find them online and facetime, or chat with them.

In this generation you don’t even have to get out of bed to go to school, they now offer online education. Although you don’t get the same one on one time with the teacher or the extra help after class if you need help with a problem or paper, but there is always the option of opening a new tab and finding the answers online. Finding homework help online is as simple as searching homework help, I.E (http://www.tutor.com/). Even finding a job is as easy as searching your area code on a job listing site. Its the actual interview part that people are struggling with. When you get called in for the one on one interview that’s where people start to struggle and fail. People are becoming so reliant on the internet that they almost don’t know how to answer questions on their own without asking siri or google. Peoples’ communication skills are starting to diminish because of the lack of one on one interaction and personal conversation, because of these situations you can now look up tutorials on how to interview. “I wish I had a better sense of how that type of interview would play out. Can you share a sample script to illustrate the flow of a non scripted interview?” – Liz Ryan The creation of the internet has created a generation of lazy people, by allowing us to have easy access to almost any problem we would ever encounter. Websites have been created to help us with everything, from friends, school, jobs and even finding a spouse. The

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