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The Growth of Human Trafficking Is a Major Problem for Humanity

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Children are learning so much about the world but unfortunately monsters that hurt the purity of small children exist. These “people” kidnap, rape, and defile children for their own sick purposes. “More than 1 million children, according to the International Labour Organization, are exploited each year in the commercial sex trade.” If this is such a problem, then why has the public brushed it off? Does the media really care about child trafficking and the danger it imposes on others?

Kids can’t comprehend what is being done to them when they are kidnapped but why has the media closed their eyes and ears. USA today did an article of one these cases where they just forgot about happen stating “Instead, in the summer of 2015, Thompson and his wife, Robin, forced the girl on a nightmarish six-week trek across the southern United States. Photographed in suggestive poses and marketed online, she was sold out of hotel rooms and truck stops to any man with the money and the desire to buy sex. The justice system eventually would work well in this case in several respects. The victim was rescued and provided with treatment. The traffickers who exploited her were caught, pleaded guilty and were sent to prison. But what of the men who paid to rape this child? What consequences did they suffer? Not a single one was ever charged.” Not one single being was ever charged for rape which is a very serious offense, but none took the fall. It shows the world how much the care for our world’s children with government officials with their heads held high not even noticing the disgusting problem below.

Now they are desperately trying to reverse the effects of this terrible issue, but it seems that the threat is increasing day by day. USA today again states “Despite 20 years of efforts, the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism has expanded across the globe and outpaced every attempt to respond at the international and national level… As a result, the risks of child sexual exploitation are increasing.” Over 20 years and not a single dent into the problem and while every potential and passing second the issue continues to worsen. USA today would also state “The scale of the trade indicates that it’s not a small number of men who pay to have sex with kids.  A 2016 study by the Center for Court Innovation found that between 8,900 and 10,500 children, ages 13 to 17, are commercially exploited each year in this country. Several hundred children 12 and younger, a group not included in the study, also suffer commercial sexual abuse.”

Another bad circumstance is poverty. Kids are desperate and in need for food and money making them Ideal victims. According to humanium “Poor families sometimes have no choice but to abandon their children, leaving them in the hands of traffickers. Poverty also causes a large increase in the number of street children and orphans. Vulnerable and fending for themselves, they become the ideal victims for traffickers who don’t hesitate in their promise of better living and working conditions in another country. Unfortunately, the reality is entirely different.” Others use that child trafficking is militia. People kidnap and use kids as soldiers for their military. Human rights watch A.K.A (H. R. W) states “Thousands of children are serving as soldiers in armed conflicts around the world. These boys and girls, some as young as 8 years old, serve in government forces and armed opposition groups. They may fight on the front lines, participate in suicide missions, and act as spies, messengers, or lookouts. Girls may be forced into sexual slavery.” Kids used as bombs instead of our future is beyond disgusting and wrong. Children risking their lives that others like there family can live and be safe.

Many kids if they do survive, will be traumatized from the experience mental issues like PTSD and suicidal thoughts. They could also contract diseases like AIDS and HIV. For example, The PMC gave us these stats “80% reported seeing a medical provider within the year prior to their identification as victims. Most presented to emergency departments (63%), but a significant proportion (35%) presented to a variety of outpatient clinic settings [10]. Their health needs span both physical and behavioral health domains. CST is associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, injuries from physical and sexual assault, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression with suicidality, and other behavior problems. Adolescent girls in one study had a 47% prevalence of STIs at the time of evaluation and a 32% rate of prior pregnancies. Forty-seven percent of youth in another study reported suicide attempts within the past year and 78% met DSM criteria for PTSD [11]. In addition, some trafficking victims experience both sexual and labor exploitation [17,18]” It is very disappointing that the statistics for an issue people are “trying” to fix. If there was a problem, why has the media turned a blind eye on the subject? Simple answer…no one has any respect towards anyone that isn’t them.

Child to father, father to wife, wife to co-worker, the endless cycle of pain and despair creates things like trafficking, drugs, murder, and other indisposition of humans. NCR gives this claim even more ground “The heartbreak is that trafficking is growing, not declining, and those who should know better seem to wink and turn aside because, you know, boys will be boys, and it’s the world’s oldest profession, and the girls wouldn’t be doing it anyway if they didn’t like it, and it’s private behavior and no one is getting hurt. And, hey, did you see ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’The global moral collapse is not stopping. Yet another UN study will count the victims, but can it ever count the cost? I think you can draw straight lines from the fact of genuinely gross movies suddenly becoming mainstream to unbridled anger exploding on the Internet to the basest disrespect of the human person through trafficking.”

Blatant disrespect of another human for some sick and twisted desire to rape or militarize a child! To make them our personal slaves is to call them lesser than the average working joe. To call someone a slave is like treating someone like dirt, lower than dirt! Something that is pure and easily damped by the sins of the earth, but darkness is finite this can all be fix if we all wake and smell the terror and finally accept nothing is being done about this if the human’s band together and take each problem. World peace in one day far-fetched but caring about could change one dark corner of our world.

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