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The Different Aspects of Child Rearing and Child Care

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Child Rearing and Child Care are two of the most important and yet delicate tasks parents should learn diligently and thoroughly. It is through proper rearing and care that a child is developed and molded to be a good person as he grows up. Basically, it is through the parents’ methods and ways a child is developed morally and spiritually.

There are several factors that affect the way parents rear and care for their children and among which are culture and society – the reason why different countries and states have different ways in Child Rearing and Child Care. Most of the Western cultures believe that each child should have his own room, or if not, his or her own bed. While some cultures such as Hawaiian, Japanese and Native Americans believes that such practice is harmful to the development of a child and might be dangerous. (National Casa)

Another factor is religion. In the Philippines, Child Rearing has its roots from the religion of Christianity, the reason why Filipino parents believe that in order to keep the child from sins and evil, the child must be taught of obedience. While in Japan, its child rearing history is rooted from its ancient Japanese folkways and their children were allowed to be free from any social restriction. (Masatoshi Jimmy Suzuki, 2000)

Moreover in China, Child Rearing is attributed to “their belief in the community of their biological and moral lives via their children and grandchildren.” Children are thought to bring honor to themselves and to their respective families. They were also given responsibilities at an early age.

There are still different and vague aspects that should be explored in Child Rearing and Child Care. Although different countries and states have their different ways and methods in rearing and taking care of their children, the only thing that remains constant is that: parents always want the best for their children.

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