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The Current Integrated Voice Response System

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The name of the system is interactive voice response (IVR) system and the purpose of evaluation is to understand how IVR system can be made more effective and less annoying for a customer. In other words how IVR can help a customer understand the value placed by the organization on his relationship with the company. History

IVR system was introduced in the shop mart (fictitious), retail organization’s helpdesk in order to save money (McKeen, J.D. & Smith, H.A. 2009). There was a need to introduce this system way back in 1995 because of the limited number of customer service representatives. The IVR tree has not been modified much since then and has ten questions. Prior to this, a sister organization which was a clinic was using IVR and it was working perfectly for the purpose of diagnosis because the patients were more ready to share the information with the IVR than with the clinician (Piette, J.D. 2000). Taking a clue from this success, the IVR was implemented in the retail business as well.

But, very few changes were made or in other words the IVR lacked customization. But the issues being faced in the retail business were; firstly, the customers dislike the IVR experience very badly and have voiced this dislike many a times. Secondly, customers find it irritating to reveal their relevant information like date of birth, card number, etc twice, once to the IVR and once to the customer service representative. Thirdly, the customers felt that they were not valued and the number of calls coming into the helpdesk had reduced drastically because the sales had come down as well. Scope

IVR (Integrated Voice Response) system is used in a lot of organization as a means of saving time, costs or preventing a customer form going back if all the customer service reps are busy. Understanding the issues with IVR and making efforts to improve it, is a matter of interest for every organization so as to avoid facing issues similar to the one faced by this fictitious organization, Shop mart. The scope of this project is in identifying the issues with IVR specific to shop mart and coming out with solutions that are applied on a generic basis in the same industry. It is understandable that something that suits one organization might not suit the other but specific changes can surely be made. The generic structure would stay the same. Procedures

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology which is designed specifically to allow computers to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tone input with the use of keypad. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) frameworks can be related whether the particular object was amazing to clients, depending on what they’re calling for (McKeen, J.D. & Smith, H.A. 2009). 1. A blog spot of Spoken Communications portrayed the fondness-scorn association; IVR is a great client utility: when it runs properly. a. A well-designed Interactive Voice Response that performs is adored by clients. Frustrations begin with the tremendous menu choices address distinguishing elements that aren’t so capable of differentiating. 2. Industry research indicates that numerous customers really like to utilize talk-empowered self-serve frameworks over live help concerning modest connections. b. A study conducted by Nuance discovered that a greater part of customers prefer to use proactive warnings by route of outbound Interactive Voice Response framework instead of a live executor.

c. TeleTech directed a research to discover what irritates clients about IVR frameworks. The top complaints include clients that hate robotized frameworks noting the calls are “excessively unoriginal,” “not supportive,” “can’t obtain to an operator,” “it doesn’t grasp what I state,” “it takes too long” and “I can’t discover the right option to choose from. 3. In five different situations, shoppers preferred IVR frameworks over live operators for situations like medicine refills (66 % appraised mobilization greatly, contrasted and 52 % for live operator), verifying the conditions of a flight from a PDA (61 % vs. 49 %), financial records adjust (59 % vs. 36 %), store informative content solicits (55 % vs. 37 %), and following shipments (53 % vs. 47 %). d. Some of the progressively normal finish-utilize provisions of IVR frameworks incorporate surveys and studies, office call steering, qualified knowledge lookup, call focus sending, and request passage bargains, and account parities and exchanges. Methods

IVR is significant for universal queuing and routing solutions which are smart devices that are able to collect customer data that enable intelligent routing decisions. The aforementioned frameworks permit inquisitors to trade informative data inside a tweaked arrangement for conveyance over the phone. With IVR’s, substantial information can be contained, recovered from, and/or engaged in, a database basically and productively (McKeen, J.D. & Smith, H.A. 2009).

With the presentation of Interactive Voice Response Systems, preparing jobs through a custom administrative framework seems to be out of date. The Innovative Telephony Technology (ITT) by Interactive Voice Response System’s informative content could be performed without bringing any additional work expenses. IVR’s can address various customers through surveys, which could be audited by the framework online and disconnected from the net. Below are some of the replies to a portion and the time inquired to IVR Systems and why they might be significant to your trade/business (Stentiford, F.W.M. and Popay, P.A. 1999). Customer/Caller

Incoming Call
“1” was pressed

Location 1

Location 3

Location 3
Thank you for Calling
Press 1 for Sales
Press 2 for Accounting
Press 3 for Support

Calling group “Sales”; ext. 1000, 1001, 1002, 2000, 2001, 2002, 3000, 3001, 3002

Sales Dept. @ Location 1
1000 1001 1002
Sales Dept. @ Location 2
2000 2001 2002
Sales Dept. @ Location 3
3000 3001 3002
Incoming Call
“1” was pressed

Location 1

Location 3

Location 3
Thank you for Calling
Press 1 for Sales
Press 2 for Accounting
Press 3 for Support

Calling group “Sales”; ext. 1000, 1001, 1002, 2000, 2001, 2002, 3000, 3001, 3002

Sales Dept. @ Location 1
1000 1001 1002
Sales Dept. @ Location 2
2000 2001 2002
Sales Dept. @ Location 3
3000 3001 3002

Overview of Current IVR System

IVR is a programming requisition that acknowledges a combination of voice phone information and touch-tone keyboard choices and gives satisfaction in the manifestation of callback, fax, voice and message. IVR is as a rule section of a greater requisition that incorporates database access (McKeen, J.D. & Smith, H.A. 2009).

An IVR provision gives prerecorded responses for voices based on scenarios; the keypad indicates coherence, and approach to applicable information, and the capability to register voices for future calls. Utilizing (CTI) computer telephony Integration, IVR requisitions transfer a call to people who can see the information identified by the customer.

IVR frameworks allow people to get informative content without human intercession. This allows customers to hear a pleasant voice 24-hours a day, without any human interaction. Since the expense of the call is borne by the guest, separated from the only one-time establishment cost; there is no operating liability for the association who sends the IVR frameworks. A different focal point to the association is that it might be difficult to handle elevated loads of calls, both regarding time, and the expense of the large number of people that it might need (Stentiford, F.W.M. and Popay, P.A. 1999).

Innovation and programming growth has numerous results for straight the forwardness of our manual job and robotize nearly all of the business methods. IVR software advancements can empower a company to handle mass calls, recover expenses, and keep their clients satisfied and devoted. IVR framework is not new; we have had telephonic frameworks where Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) empowered PC frameworks, reconciled tones with particular charges and capacities, and assist clients with the prerecorded voice collaboration. This IVR framework has few disadvantages (Stentiford, F.W.M. and Popay, P.A. 1999). Call Center Staff

Programming growth association gatherings are centering to improve IVR framework that will function as a real executor, and complete all necessities of a call. This IVR framework unifies telephonic framework at the conglomeration and operates all calls. In this framework, equipment and programs are combined with a solitary stage to give quicker access to information and qualified data. Equipment frameworks like association server and machine frameworks are used with IVR requisitions to give simple and proficient access to specific information to the client.


This Interactive Voice Response manages inbound calls, and can plan outgoing calls to clients or customers on certain dates like commemorations, birthdays etc. Therefore, telephonic discussions are changed to streamline the administration of information and qualified data, and moreover enhance client maintenance and establish reliability.


Retailers are starting to utilize IVR frameworks to furnish elevated-touch client utility. The most recent examination discovered that 86 % of telecom associations, 80 % of IT associations, 73 % of transportation and voyage organizations, 63 % of the production business, 56 % of protection associations and 44 % of the general population segment utilized some type of IVR. IVR greatly helps in retail functions, as it can give high caliber aid over each purpose-of-connection with the client and lower operating expenses. It can also help with promotional wires, surveys and client studies (Stentiford, F.W.M. and Popay, P.A. 1999).


Performance Analysis

A versatile IVR framework is comparable to an inductive model in many ways. It solicits a sequence of inquiries to every client and it overhauls its assessments in case the client can’t produce services from the IVR framework depending upon their reply to each inquiry. The IVR framework transfers the customer to an operator in the second step when the aforementioned problems occur where the customer can’t be serviced by the IVR framework and surpasses certain limits. The adaptability of this type of IVR framework can be represented by altering the limits used depending on the amount of bottlenecking involved. By expanding this limit, the company can reduce the burden of the second level (by finalizing the aid of additional clients in the IVR framework), yet it is prone to expand client confusion in the meantime.

The framework supervisor has the choice to allocate an IVR utility option to the customer depending on the framework’s clogging. Programming should be of top quality and customizable. Interface’s overall-tried IVR innovation has given top notched performance voice provisions for associations worldwide. The interface is well-versed in the necessities of IVR frameworks, and offer Voice XML engineering that is adequate and dependable.

In light of the fact that address separate and tweaked effective call rushes are center components for sending adequate voice requisitions on an IVR framework, interaction has improved their IVR frameworks to have the capacity to be made and modified to a business’ correct requirements, having the ability to handle many calls within a day, while still supporting prevalent exhibitions throughout top activity. An IVR System’s abilities and good quality are vital to the quick response of a voice utility, and for the most part nature of client encounter.

Information and Data Analysis

An IVR system is a system that permits people to interface with an association’s correspondences framework over the phone. It prepares the individual to get qualified information from a database, drop in qualified data into a database, or both. The IVR System permits the caller to transfer information through the telephone, which is associated with the workstation framework to make any transaction or to take qualified data from the association. This is a productive route to trade of informative data that does not need a receptionist or any viable staff part to support.

An IVR helps the customer through an arrangement of preprogrammed prompts. The aforementioned prompts are prerecorded and can transfer the caller to a live representative. In certain situations, it may be sent to a voicemail box or a memo from the client recorded and messaged to the client utility group (McKeen, J.D. & Smith, H.A. 2009). IVR frameworks can additionally be outlined to distinguish the voice of human and react as a human. Hinging on the stage of discourse, separate refinement required by the trade, IVRs can be customized to distinguish names, zip codes, and can additionally take a series of numbers, which makes IVRs favorable for bookings and charge card transactions.

IVR systems can be used to computerize just about any task. Depending on if your information is stored on a database, IVRs can track it. A workstation needs exceptional fittings to grasp the DTMF indicators prepared by a telephone. A basic IVR framework just needs a PC connected to a telephone line through hardware and IVR programming. The IVR programming permits you to prerecord welcome and menu alternatives that an individual can select utilizing his phone keypad.

More advanced IVR frameworks could be discourse-discerned programming that permits a caller to speak with a workstation utilizing basic voice summons. Discourse separate programming has become modern enough to comprehend names and long numbers strings – such as a MasterCard or flight/reservation number.

Economic Analysis

An IVR framework allows the business to expand the volume of calls without having to expand the amount of live representatives to answer the calls. An Interactive voice framework also minimizes the amount of work. Individuals frequently imagine IVR frameworks as ineffective, arduous frameworks, however a well-composed address-empowered IVR framework can enhance both the pace and nature of a customer experience, and subsequently build client fulfillment (Stentiford, F.W.M. and Popay, P.A. 1999). An overall-accomplished voice separate framework can build call volume subsequently.

Security Analysis

IVR security assurance basically falls into two categories. The principal territory manages the working framework security and the co-partnered stage programming. The IVR framework helps standard interfaces of security (e.g., Client confirmation, bear surfing security, and encrypted secret word space). However, organizations should perform additional framework testing/upgrades for improvements. The IVR framework furnishes part-based commission proficiencies for regulating access to its menu-driven government utilities. All of the dial-in lines are ensured by an Access Security Gateway.

The IVR framework should be set in a secure manner that can be accessed by confining digits of trusted people. Putting the framework in an area that permits unrestricted gain by any representative makes the hazard that somebody could jeopardize the IVR framework operation, whether unintentionally or malevolently. The IVR framework should only be accessed by employees that are authorized to work on that account.

Efficiency Analysis

One of the essential profits IVR frameworks furnish is fast and faultlessly coordinating your individuals. Certain inquisitors need to talk with a client, while others might need to talk with a live representative. Any time customers are transferred to the wrong department, it could be because of wrong information given. Furthermore, people might get upset with your organization’s IVR framework and hang up. This is why most companies use Interactive Voice Response to take the caller to the correct individual or department as rapidly and effectively as possible (Stentiford, F.W.M. and Popay, P.A. 1999).

Service Analysis

IVRS has been used to answer the calls of your customers. It might manage the callers to the preferred department or to the requested representative, or might enroll or react to their inquiry and protestations. Calls are made to clients, prospective customers, or workers to furnish them with some convenient qualified information (stock-cites, new plans, and so forth) or other discriminating informative content. IVRS is supportive in furnishing 24×7 back to the clients, which is offered at a lowered expense.

It also gives multi-lingual back to serve clients in diverse areas, in order to service all languages (McKeen, J.D. & Smith, H.A. 2009). Stock information can be supported over the phone by using IVRS. Representatives can furnish the data regarding their stocks. IVRS provisions can be used to allow the clients to question the requisition status, the status of a ticket, status of a flight, or the status of a venture etc. IVRS/IVR frameworks are being used as a part of corporate and various are noted requisitions. In this framework, IVRS requisitions are situated documents that are certain events. Some examples may be may be noted, greeting and errand notes, and advertisements.


Menu choices

* There should be a short message, and might as well incorporate some conspicuous essential words * Use steady terminology  * The by and large imperative or the vary ordinarily chose things in a carte ought to be exhibited first in a record * Menu alternatives are being depended upon why clients call, not on the structure of the organization * Menu alternatives ought to be assessed normally checking utilization and client sentiment * Menus ought not surpass four decisions

* Menus may as well not exceed to three stages or “sets” of choices * Voice prompts ought to be recorded in an atelier professionally, to improve liquidity * Announce the capacity, and after that the nexus needed to initiate it * Give clients two/three opportunities to choose an alternative * The framework may as well exchange a caller to an admin if no choice is picked * Provide diverse sound input for good and invalid crux presses * Provide verbal criticism for decisive affirmation

* Always have a rehash office. Best exercise is for the rehash to happen mechanically instead of depending on the client selecting to catch the choices once more (Tuttle, 2011).


* Denote where the client is on the line and the inexact time soon after the call will be addressed – upgrade the client at sensible interims * Ensure the framework is unwavering  * Furnish music as an implication of being in a line

Response of Client

* Allow for clients who require additional chance to react to prompts * Keep client IDs which should not exceed than 8 digits * Do not need that the identical qualified data is dropped in more than once

Completion the call

* Systems might as well have content at the finish telling the client that the deal is finished * A good exercise in forms will inform the client not just about the transaction completion right yet that they are allowed to finish the call. A crux press alternative, e.g. Press then button 9 to finish the call, could likewise be given * Provide an alternative in the menu to enter a human driver * Provide a recuperation track from blunder

* Provide connection-touchy assistance
* All client utility staff, consultants and call focus personnel are given incapacity mindfulness preparing


Lately, engineering progression and the yearning to diminish sets back the old’ finances has driven certain associations to receive and actualize robotized phone emotionally supportive networks that deal with the requirements of the association’s client base. Tragically, such strategy has been discovered to baffle the clients that might want to talk with a live illustrative to help tackle an issue or address an inquiry. In short, the clients baffled via computerized phone back have discovered the client aid strategy to be inadequate and at times wrong to address and tackle their issues (Fox, 2012). In this report, we investigate the present IVR framework for the shop. Proficiency, information and qualified information, fix, monetary and security dissection described the present IVR framework. On the support of dissection, some proposals are put to enhance the IVR framework for the enhancement of the business.

McKeen, J.D. & Smith, H.A. 2009. IT strategy in action. Pearson Education,New Jersey, 155. Piette, J.D. 2000. Interactive Voice Response Systems in the Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Disease. The American journal of managed care. Vol6.no7.Stentiford, F.W.M. and Popay, P.A. 1999. The design and evaluation of dialogues for interactive voice response services. BT technology journal. Volume 17, issue 1, pp-142-148. 2013. Closing the Feedback Loop: An Interactive Voice Response System to Provide Follow-up and Feedback in Primary Care Settings. J Med Syst. Willig JH, Krawitz M, Panjamapirom A, Ray MN, Nevin CR, English TM, Cohen MP, http://www.tctecno.com/ivr/ivr-features-&-benefits.html Fox, D. (2012). Research reveals consequences of companies’ poor automated phone systems. KSFY abc, Retrieved from http://www.ksfy.com/story/19260215/research-reveals-consequences-of-companies-poor-automated-phone-systems Tuttle, B. (2011, August 25). Customer service done right: When an actual human being answers the phone read more. TIME Moneyland, Retrieved from http://moneyland.time.com/2011/08/25/customer-service-done-right-when-an-actual-human-being-answers-the-phone/

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