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The Blossoming of Feelings

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Midsummer was a short story written by Manuel E. Arguilla. The story only revolved around two characters, Ading and Manong. Ading was a small but beautiful and slender woman while Manong was equally gifted, he was tall and has ripped muscles. These physical attributes started their attraction toward each other. This attraction made the story more interesting. It showed how some young people act out their emotions and feelings. The story basically showed the blossoming of feelings, the feelings of Ading and Manong, which were shown in their encounters through out the story. These all started when Manong stopped to rest and saw Ading. They had a second encounter near a well,where the two of them fetch water, which made it clear that what Manong felt for Ading was what Ading felt for him too. The ending made an interesting revelation when the well was abandoned and the two of them left together.

An attraction between two people can be hot or passionate as the burning sun. The Physical attraction can lead to something more than just an attraction. The story was about physical attraction between a man and a woman. The characters of the story were Ading, a small slender woman and Manong, a tall and strong man with ripped muscles. Manong was also hospitable and helpful man in a sense, since he invited Ading to eat with him. He also helped Ading fetch water from the well. The same goes to Ading who offered shelter to the young man. The story was set in a hot summer day near a well in a rural place. I reached to a conclusion that it was set in a rural area because of how the place was described in the beginning of the story. “There was not a house in sight. Along the left side of the road ran the deep, dry gorge of a stream, the banks sparsely covered by sunburned cogon grass. In places, the rocky, waterless bed showed aridly……
The grating of the cartwheels on the pebbles of the road and the almost soundless shuffle of the weary bull but emphasized the stillness. “

The story began with Manong walking with his bull. (This also supports that he was in a rural place). Manong saw a lady, carrying a bucket, and then decided to follow her. While he was resting, he saw a woman named Ading, a small slender woman, who was holding a bucket walking towards the well. He just stared and observed the lady. Ading fetched water from the well she staggered little and she lost her balance that caused the water to spill. The water then, dripped to her bosom. Her bosom was vaguely seen and the contour of her body was traced by her wet clothing. Manong was staring at her while all these things happened. Ading walked pass Manong who was still staring at her without uttering a single word. When the woman was out of sight, Manong started to verbally express how much he admired the woman. He went back to the cart, which he left beside the road and got some hay for his bull.

He fed the hungry salivating Bull. He got himself some water then started to eat. He pulled out from his jute sack a bamboo which contained salt a coconut shell with warm rice and boiled egg and a cake of brown sugar ( kakanin) wrapped in banana leaf ( the food and the way it was wrapped or packaged made the setting even clearer. It makes it clear that it was set in the Philippines). He was enjoying his meal when he saw Ading walked towards the well. This time they started to acknowledge each other. He smiled at her for no reason Ading smiled back and absent-mindedly tugged the bucket. The water streamed down towards Manong and his food became wet. Ading was apologetic, but Manong just laughed and did not mind at all. He offered his help to Ading. He began fetching water from the well. This time around Ading observed Manong. She admired how ripped his muscles were. She also noticed his hair and how tall Manong was. After he finished fetching water and rested enough Ading said to him that he could go to her house to sleep and rest and the bull can come with him. At first Manong refused, but then Ading said that her mother knew about him and so he went with Ading. The theme of the story was blossoming of feelings.

The story did not directly focused on the attraction, but there were definitely hints. These hints showed how their attraction dictated the story. Every encounter supported the fact that what the two main characters were noticing was not really the kindness or what was in the inside or the totality of each other. What they noticed was, the physical attributes of each other. The author used detailed description of the physical attributes of Manong and Ading that lets the readers get a sense of how the two characters were feeling. In all of their encounters Manong noticed the physical characteristics of Ading. “The underpart of her arm is white and smooth,” he said to his blurred image on the water of the well, as he leaned over before lowering the bucket made of half a petroleum can. “And her hair is thick and black.” This happened one their third encounter. In this scene it was clear that he admired the woman because of what he saw on the outside. “How graceful she was! Her hips tapered smoothly down to round thighs and supple legs, showing against her skirt and moving straight and free. Her shoulders, small but firm, bore her shapely neck and head with shy pride.” This part also showed that Manong noticed Ading because of her physical attributes.

The traits of the characters were mentioned, but these were not given emphasis. There were moments when personality of the characters for say, Manong, was shown. This however, was not further discussed. It was shown and that’s that. For, example Manong was really helpful. He helped Ading fetch water from the well. This was a kind act. It shed light to Manong’s character,but then this was not what Ading noticed. She noticed the ripped muscles of Manong and his hair. Once again, it zoomed in to the physical attributes of the character among other things that one could have noticed in the other. The woman was elegant. This though was not emphasized, but her physical attributes were clearly and intricately described. Her skin, arms and breasts were emphasized rather than how hardworking and patient she was. Going back and forth from her house to the well to fetch water, showed her patience, but no, this was not what Manong noticed. He noticed her legs, thighs, arms and what not.

The character’s admiration towards each other led to another. The characters in the story first noticed each other along the road and this started the admiration of Manong. The vision of the woman haunted Manong until they met once again. This time he saw and observed the woman, who at that time, was fetching water. She spilled water to her bosom and thus it was shown. This was seen by Manong. The woman left, but Manong could not stop thinking about it.

This was what I meant by their attraction leading to another. At first Manong only saw her and then thought about her then during their last encounter they started talking and it seemed that it became more than just a physical attraction, he felt. In the case of Ading’s feeling and how it developed, initially it was not stated that she noticed Manong the way Manong did. She may not notice him as much as the other did, but still she noticed him. This changed though when they started to talk. They talked and Ading lost her grip of the pail of water. Manong offered her help. While he fetched water, Ading was admiring his ripped muscles and his hair. After Manong fetched water, Ading told Manong that he and his bull can stay in her house there are no neighbors. This statement was a revelation. From the time she noticed Manong to her noticing his muscles to asking him to rest in her place, proved that her feelings changed. Emotions blossomed. Manong and Ading left together. Another revelation. Manong said that he could follow the figure (Ading) forever. This proved that not only did Ading’s feelings changed, but also Manong’s.

The story showed that physical attraction could create a spark. A spark that could be something more if not love, it will definitely be something deeper. The title of the story and the setting as well gave a hint to what the story may be about. Midsummer was is synonymous to extreme heat, unbearable heat if one might say. The events in the story somewhat reflect this extreme heat. The events in which the characters noticed the physical attributes of each other, not the eyes or nose, but the thighs or the bosom added to what one might say, added spice or heat to the story. It created more impact and layer to the story. The story does not only revolve on their physical attraction, but their extreme regard for each other. The extreme feelings and the intensity and weight of their actions and observations mirror that of a midsummer’s day. (The setting definitely played a role in the story and it set the tone as well.) The extreme heat of the day mirrors the extreme regards of the characters toward each other. The ending of the story and the events that occurred upon the resolution, definitely proved the fact that their simple attraction blossomed and escalated. They changed. ( They can then be considered round characters) They left together and that was the major revelation.

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