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Telenor HRM Report

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The today’s world moves at neck breaking speed & it calls for a decisive action “Quantum Leap thinking” The culture is one in which every employee is treated as if he or she is the most significant person in the company regardless of his position. Excellence is demanded from everyone at the company from assembly line workers to the CEO. There is a saying that the only constant thing in life is the change. It is a natural phenomenon that every individually responds negatively to the changes in the normal settings. Normally the changes in the strategies encourage developing new conflicts among the employees and with the management. Telenor Pakistan

Telenor Group
Telenor ASA is an international provider of high quality telecommunications, data and media communication services. It ranks as world’s7th largest mobile operator with a total of 164 million subscribers in its mobile operations spread across Pakistan, creating 2,500 direct and 2,500 plus indirect employment Telenor Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor ASA and adds on to its operations in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Telenor Pakistan launched its operations in March 2005 as the single largest direct European investment in Pakistan, setting precedence for further foreign investments in the telecom sector. The company has crossed many milestones and grown in a number of directions, making Telenor Pakistan a leading telecom operator of the country.

Telenor is the fastest growing mobile network in the country, with coverage reaching deep into many of the remotest areas of Pakistan. In the most difficult terrains of the country, from the hilly northern areas to the sprawling deserts in the south, at times Telenor is the only operator connecting the previously unconnected. It is keeping ahead by investing heavily in infrastructure expansion. With USD2 billion already invested, it has extended agreements with its vendors for network expansion and services until 2009. The agreements, with a potential to result in USD750 million worth of orders from Telenor Pakistan, are some of the biggest of their kind in the industry. Telenor is opportunities. It has a network of 23 company-owned sales and service centers, more than 200 franchisees and some 100,000 retail outlets. History Of Telenor

Telenor acquired the license for providing GSM services in Pakistan in April 2004, and has launched its services commercially in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi on March 15, 2005. The official opening was held in Islamabad with the President of PakistanGeneral PervezMusharraf as the guest of honor and a Telenor delegation headed by CEO Telenor Jon Fredrik Baksaas On TMarch 23, 2005 Telenor started its services in Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. Telenor will be launching its services in other cities as per the roll out plan. Telenor has its corporate headquarters in Islamabad, with regional offices in Karachi and Lahore. The license terms stipulate that by year 4, Telenor will cover 70% of Pakistan’s297 administrative Tehsil headquarters. Telenor will fulfill the license requirements and provide superior quality coverage.

Telenor is proud to build mobile communication infrastructure in Pakistan and looks forward to combining its experience in mobile technology with the local Pakistani high level of competence. Telenor’s primary aim is to offer top quality mobile services and promote healthy competition in the mobile market. The company has covered several milestones over the past eleven months and grown in a number of directions. Telenor has successfully signed interconnect agreements with all four incumbents duringDecember 2004, allowing its subscribers to exchange voice and data with subscribers onall active mobile networks including Paktel, Instaphone, Ufone, Mobilink and Warid. Upon the successful set up of our LDI unit, Tore Johnsen CEO and President of Telenor Pakistan, and Kjell Nordbo, CTO, made the first official TP international call to Norway on January 27. Now Telenor is operating world wide in 13 countries with more than million people in their services. VISION OF TELENOR

Telenor’s vision is simple:
“We’re here to help” CORE VALUES OF TELENOR
Make it easy
We are practical. We don’t complicate things. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. Because we never forget we’re trying to make customers’ lives easier. Keep Promises
Everything we set out to do should work, or if it doesn’t, we’re here to help. We’re about delivery, not over promising, actions not words. Be Inspiring

We are creative. We strive to bring energy to the things we do. Everything we produce should look good, modern and fresh. We are passionate about our business and customers. Be Respectful
We acknowledge and respect local cultures. We do not impose one formula worldwide. We want to be a part of local communities wherever we operate. We believe loyalty has to be earned. GOALS

Telenor’s main goal is to create value for shareholders through the serving of customers, employees, partners and the general public interest. In a long-term perspective, a strong market and customer focus, as well as a strong commitment to our employees and to society, will provide the best platform for creating incremental value. Values shall be created through profitable and robust growth. Such growth shall be based on the development of solutions that simplify the use of, and strengthen the usefulness of, advanced communications technology. Telenor shall contribute to give customers greater freedom of choice and more options. Telenor’s solutions shall simplify people’s workday, make businesses and activities more efficient, and increase their competitive powers. Major Departments in Telenor and Functions

➢Customer service
➢Human Resource
➢Legal Affairs
Finance Department
➢Corporate accounts
➢Bank reconciliation
➢Budgeting and Corporate Affairs
➢Credit and collection
➢Procurements and contracts
➢Reporting and commissions
Customer service department
➢To facilitate and guide the customer
➢To resolve customer’s queries, request and optimal solution in minimum turnaround time, keeping both companies and customer interest in focus ➢To inform and update customers about upcoming promos, AS and products ➢To minimize cost and increase revenue

➢The call centre employees help solve the problems of customers on telephone. ➢Identify and resolve root causes of chum and strive to minimize churn. Marketing Department
➢Develop and execute regular promotions
➢Brand management
➢Ensure successful new city/product campaign launches ➢Public Relations
➢International roaming
➢Value added services
➢Strategic planning and pricing
➢Monitor competitor pricing and other activities and report back ➢Market research
➢Sales analysis
Sales Department
Indirect Sales
➢Manage the franchise network
➢Ensure achievement of sales target of franchise
➢Coordinate with other departments for development programs ➢Training of franchise staff
Direct Sales
➢Meet assigned sales targets throughout the year
➢Maximize customer satisfaction and minimize churn
➢Generate new accounts and manage old ones
➢Strong follow-up
IT/Billing Department
➢Operating systems
➢Software developments
➢Resource applications
➢Network security
Internal Audit Department
➢Audit internal system and processes
➢Fraud prevention
➢Introduce control mechanism
➢Revenue assurance
Technical Department
➢Maintain and operate the GSM cellular network consisting 900 base transceiver sites and 9 mobile switching centers ➢Plan and roll out network expansions as per the commercial target ➢Work closely with commercial and IT department to launch new services and cities Human Resource Department

Employee Services
➢Payroll information
➢Leave and medical record
➢Final settlement and provident fund
➢Policies and procedures
➢Employees record and recreation
OD and effectiveness
➢Training plan
➢Talent management
➢Performance management
➢Employees retentation
➢Orientation employee communication
Staffing and compensation
➢Staffing plan and HR budgeting
➢Management trainee and internship program
➢Interviewing and selection
➢Compensation, benefits and incentives
Administration Department
➢Stationary requirement
➢Courier services vehicle maintenance
➢Janitorial services
➢Event management
➢Cafeteria arrangements

Human Resource Planning
“Telenor A multinational telecom provider where people make the future”

Regardless of the size or type of the business any organization’s most important asset is Human Resources. Human Resources Management strives to achieve organizational goals and goals of the employees through effective personnel programs, policies and procedures. Personal management program varies from organization to organization. If there is good performance of personnel department then the employee of the company will be motivated and satisfied. The department manages and mobilized the Human Resources. Like other organizations Telenor Pakistan also has a skilled human resource planning department. As we know that each human resource department in any organization play key role and operate like an eye of an organization, like wise in Telenor Pakistan they are performing their functions and fulfilling their requirement of the organization bymatching the organizational needs with the employee’s skill, knowledge and ability whether these needs are identified or being demanded by any department of the Telenor Pakistan.Human resource planning in the Telenor is basically performing different kind of functions which are as follows, ➢Whether there is need for recruitment in the organization. ➢If there is demand from any department, they (HR department) identifies. The need of that department ➢Placement of their employees

➢Convenience to their employees
➢Work for employee’s motivation
➢.check on employee’s performance
➢Developing career plans for their employees.
Telenor is newly born baby in Pakistan market, they have had strong competitors in their fields, and they entered in the market of telecom where already the price war (price competition) had been initiated among three pioneer companies of Pakistan, including UFONE, MOBILINK and PAKTEL. So the human resource department has to play very important role in the Telenor Pakistan in making itself a strong brand. Human resource department will continue its effort towards nurturing a winning corporate culture and building organizational capabilities by ensuring that its people will be able and willing to perform at consistently exceptional levels. Human Resource department performs different kind of functions in this regard to make its effort more and more effective. Recruitment and selection process

➢Performance appraisal
➢Training and development
➢Reward management
➢Employee discipline
Managing Performance
Performance management has three parts
➢Defining the performance
➢Measuring or appraising performance
➢Feedback of the performance
Performance Management System
The performance management system of any company is to check whether the employee performance aligned with strategic goals. Telenor claims to be the value leaders in the mobile phone industry and future goal is to Telenor to
perform with speed flexibility and enterprising of being an innovative, consumer focused company. Process of Performance management

Managing work
Manages own work in most efficient and effective way plans and prioritizes own work, breaking down the task. Uses available resources effectively prepares well and has everything at hand. Has an organized approach to work. At a supervisory level

➢Delegates tasks effectively
➢Coaches subordinates to achieve task

Analyzing and Understanding
➢Understand own roles, responsibilities and solve problems ➢Seeks clarifications by probing, questioning and challenging ➢Anticipates and thinks about problems/issues
➢Make sounds judgments and decisions
➢Consider and evaluate all problems-is able to weigh things up

Processing Work
➢Processes and produce work to meet all deadlines
➢Follow appropriate procedure in a methodical and systematic way ➢Seeks appropriate approval and authority
➢Monitors and reviews own tasks, makes appropriate checks ➢Is accurate and pay attention to detail.

➢Accepts changes enthusiastically
➢Is willing to learn/change
➢Is open to new/other ideas
➢Is able to perform under pressure
➢Is curious and inquisitive
➢Generates ideas
➢Develops and makes improvements
➢Learns from experience
➢Is able to work with minimum supervision
➢Builds informal working relationships
➢Co-operate with others
➢Understands and is sensitive to the need of other people ➢Persuades and negotiates –is able to gain commitment ➢Confronts problems and is assertive when necessary

➢Is clear and concise in communication
➢Effectively communicates own needs
➢Liaises and consult with others
➢Is able to communicate effectively in writing
➢Displays commitment and self- motivation
➢Completes and finishes tasks
➢Works to high standards
➢Is reliable and consistent –not letting others down Wages, Incentives and Benefits

Telenor wants to reward the efforts of qualified employees through bonus schemes, wages, options and shares programs as well as other forms of benefits. The incentive system at Telenor are a part of the effort to motivate employees to meet Telenor’s principal goal of optimizing shareholder value. The system has both the short term and long term perspective, through introducing annual bonuses as well as share and options programs. In addition the incentive system also contributes by helping to retain and develop the strategic expertise in the group and attract new expertise. The incentive system for managers and key personnel at Telenor are based on an overall compensation principle where wages, bonuses, options and other benefits are comprehensively evaluated. Extra holidays are a benefit of all employees at Telenor. Additional to the stipulated five weeks, employees of Telenor also have Christmas holidays, Eid holidays and two extra days off. Telenor also offers from maternity leave, additional to those stipulated. Health, Environment and Security

HES is here used with synonymous with the concept of working environment and comprises all factors affecting the working conditions, be they physical or physocological. Employment at Telenor shall promote good health. Employees shall not suffer any formof health damage or injuries resulting from their work.The agreement for a more inclusive working life was signed in 2003. The agreementsupports the basic efforts that were made in recent years in the form of follow-up andrehabilitation of people who have been struck by injury or illness. As far as possible, and provided that employees in question are willing, efforts will be made to bring people back to working life as quickly as possible.For the purpose of preventing sickness absence and of providing follow-up andrehabilitation of employees, focus has been on ensuring good cooperation betweenmanagers and employees. This has led to stable sickness absence figures of approximately 5% in Telenor’s Norwegian operations.

This stability contrasts with theoverall development in Norway, where a considerable increase in the sickness absencehas taken place in the last few years. Our efforts to maintain a good working environment are an ongoing process pervading the whole Group. The work shall be organized, implemented, documented and reported to support the principal goals. Managers at all levels are responsible for planning and implementing initiatives that contribute to a satisfactory physical and psychosocial working environment. Telenor’s employees are also responsible for contributing to the achievement of these oals. Trained HES personnel support managers in systematic efforts in Health,Environment and Safety in their own units.Health, Environment and Safety systems (HES systems) are quality systemsimplemented to ensure that Telenor abides by prevailing laws, regulations and internal directives regulating the working environment. Telenor’s HES system is based on the following principles: ➢Implementation and documentation of systematic HES efforts in own areas ➢Ensuring sufficient expertise within the HES systems

➢Ensure implementation of risk analyses, handle aberrations and introducecorrective measures ➢Reviewing HES status in individual areas of responsibility and planning of a ctivities, including HES revisions ➢Organizing efforts to reduce the health risks relating to the workplace ➢Followup of, and cooperation with, employees during sickness absence,including preparation for continued working life during temporary or permanent disability ➢Efforts to prevent injuries, reporting and analysis of occupational injury and near-injuries, as well as introduction of corrective measures ➢Reporting of results and activities relating to the working environment Discipline Procedure

➢A written may be addressed to the employee describing the contravention committed. The employee will also be notified that a higher penalty may beinflicted on him in the contravention is repeated in future. The warning letter may be registered in the employees personal file .issuance of written warning can berecommended by the respective supervisor. It will be issued by the HR department after approval of head of department. ➢Deduction from the salary will be an amount of employee salary depending on the type offence and decision taken accordingly. ➢The employee may be suspended from performing his or her duties for a period of time as conveyed in written. ➢Unauthorized absence of more than two times in Six month can result in termination of employment. ➢An employee who is absent from the job without satisfactory explanation is considered to be an unauthorized unpaid absence. ➢Discrimination, intimidation and harassment based on sex, race, religion, age,color, disability, sexual orientation and cultural background is prohibited at theworkplace. Harassment refers to:

➢Embarrassing remarks and jokes (Written/verbal)
➢ Comments about appearance, facial or other physical impression ➢Unwanted physical contacts
➢Display of suggestive photographs
➢Racial segregation
➢Behavior that ridicules someone based on gender, religion, culture etc.

The Head of Department should maintain direct control of all disciplinary records. A copy of all records must be placed on the employee’s personal file in the Human Resources Department. All warnings will remain upon the

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