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Static Vs. Dynamic Characters Of The Crucible

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Static & dynamic characters of The Crucible Dynamic Character In The Crucible by Arthur Miller the character Reverend John Hale was a dynamic character. In the beginning of the Play Hale was a little cocky and thought that he was at a higher status than all the citizens in Salem. He looked at all of his fancy witchcraft books and used them for evidence more than the witness’s testimonies.

He was stuck up and against anyone who doubted that the cause of the mysterious happenings in Salem was anything but witchery. It was, in part, his foolish pride that caused so many innocent people to be charged with witchcraft.

As the play went on, during the trials Reverend Hale began to figure out that the proceedings that were going on in the court were unfair. Hale realized that people in the town and the judges were developing a “hang them all” attitude and that none of them were paying any attention to the evidence that was mounting against the girls.

Hale was the first to speak out about the madness of the court that everyone else was missing. The man who in the beginning did only what he thought would make other people happy was coming out with something with something that the people of Salem were incapable of believing. He stopped trying to please the brainwashed citizens and decided to help the innocently convicted.

Static Character In the Play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Procter played the roll of a farmer and family man in the town of Salem. He was honest, hardworking and a fairly religious person. The only thing that came before church was farming to feed his family, and that was on very few occasions. As the town was getting heated about the witch trials Procter was still trying to renew the love that his wife once had for him. Before he committed adultery with Abigail Williams. John tried his best to win his wife’s heart but it would end up taking more than that to make her love him again.

During the trials, John Proctor was one of a few people who were willing to get into the debates at the proceedings, for most people that challenged the court were found to be witches themselves. But this did not faze him; all he cared about was freeing his wife and all of the innocent people locked behind bars awaiting their executions.

In order to make the court believe that the girls who were supposedly be-witched were lying Procter had to admit to his biggest sin in front of the whole court, that he had an affair with Abigail, and that she was trying to get rid of Goody Procter so she could have John for herself. As the trials Boiled down John himself was put in jail and set to be hanged, he realized he could confess to witchcraft and save him and his wife’s life but he decided not to because admitting to witchery would have destroyed his name and it was better to died with dignity than live in shame.

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