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Skin Lab

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Read through all of the notes and once you do that, return to the top and click on “Clinical Vignette”. Answer these questions as fully as possible with complete sentences. 1. What’s the mechanism that caused the hair loss and the inflamed regions of his skin? What cells are affected, and how do the skin’s architecture and physiology play a role in the processes of injury and healing? The antigen-antibody reaction causes the inflammation and hair loss to occur so that the body can heal itself. Healing includes an interaction at the cellular level that produces resurfacing, reconstitution, and restoration of the injured skin. Platelets clot the injury and then the neutrophils, mast cells, and macrophages swarm the injured area within the first few days.

Keratinocytes form on the sides of the wound to prepare for the reconstitution along with granulation tissue. Keratinocytes finally scab and cover over the wound. 2. Why does he have tapeworms? How is this related to his flea issues? Fleas can carry immature forms of tapeworms or the dog may have injested an infected dog’s feces as well. The dog may have been itching the flea and eaten the infected flea which gave the dog tapeworms. 3. What’s the key to preventing this from recurring? What advice were the owners given? They should treat the dog for both fleas and tapeworms. This will not stop the fleas from coming back again. The owners must clean out their home with antibacterial spray and wash bedding because the fleas have moved off their pet into their home too.

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