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Skin Care: Tips to Get Charmingly Older

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Every stage of life has its own charm. With good care and a mindful lifestyle, the skin stays fresh even from 40. With our skin care tips you stay young and fresh!

The soul now needs rest and relaxation on a regular basis , then there is also strength for everyday life. And of course such breaks are true beauty cures, because hectic and stress show up first in the face . Anyone who pays attention to a healthy, protein-rich diet and exercise in the fresh air, is already doing a lot of good. Now a few care tips for the skin with coordinated active ingredients and some clever beauty tricks – then the youthful and fit radiation remains for a very long time. These skin care tips will help you!

Intensive Care With Type-Appropriate Cream

In the 20’s the skin is still firm and smooth. A light moisturizer is enough. By the end of the 30th, however, she needs more. From now on, the day cream should not only moisturize, but also prevent wrinkles and provide the skin with nutrients. A cream with vitamins, Q 10 and sun protection factor is the best skin care tip during the day. During sleep , a product with retinol repairs damage to the skin and helps it to regenerate. Generously and morning, in the morning and in the evening, apply a circular motion to the face, neck and décolleté.

Nourish & Smooth: Rejuvenating Ampoule Treatment

No other beauty product is as full of tightening agents as a serum . As a regular cure, it is therefore an unbeatable skin care tip when it comes to smoothing the skin. Ideal are so-called ampoules with hyaluronic acid. They wrinkle and tighten the complexion. Apply for one week in the morning to the well-cleansed face and allow to fully absorb. Then massage in the day or night cream.

Tips for Gentle Rejuvenation

At a young age, our skin renews itself approximately every 28 days. Over time, however, she gradually takes more time for this process. Then it may be that dead skin cells deposit as a fine film on the surface and the complexion in the sunlight looks slightly greyish and tired. A gentle exfoliation based on fruit acid carefully removes the fine layer and brings new skin to light. That makes the face glow again rosy. Particularly compatible are products with up to five percent acid. Every two days in the evening, use a cotton pad to dab on cleansed skin, allow to soak in and then rinse off with clean water.

Tips for Proper Cleaning

For a pure and even skin, daily facial cleansing is a must. Only when the skin is thoroughly freed from sebum and makeup remains, the pores can breathe and not clog easily. It also matters which products are used. Mild cleansing lotions with moisturizing properties work best. Froth morning and evening in a damp face and then remove with water.

Fresh Donations With Cooling Eye Pads

Eye pads with a collagen content smooth wrinkles and relieve slight swelling under the eye. Glue once or twice a week in the morning and remove after about 15-20 minutes.

Intensive Protection Thanks to Anti-pollution Serum

Dirt and exhaust gases in the air cause the skin to age faster. This mainly affects city dwellers. A so-called anti-pollution serum (‘pollution’, English for: air pollution) is intended to counteract this effect. It contains antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful environmental influences and keep it smooth for longer. Massage into the face, neck and décolleté every morning. Extra skin care tip: At the weekend, a long walk in the countryside is refreshing for your skin, body and soul.

Skin Care Tips for the Right Complexion Food

Over the years, the skin gradually breaks down its so-called subcutaneous fatty tissue. Also, the structural protein collagen is now less produced than before. Both are responsible for keeping the trains taut. When production stops in mid-30s, the skin becomes thinner and wrinkles form. A special skin care tip is a protein-rich diet that allows nature to outsmart longer: lean meat, legumes and dairy products keep it youthful and should therefore come regularly to the plate. Fats from nuts and fish also cushion the complexion from the inside.Again, we are happy to access. Caution is advised when sweetened drinks and food: The sugar molecules in sweets, soda and cake stick to the connective tissue and promote the development of wrinkles. They should therefore be enjoyed sparingly.

Safe Prevention: Sun Protection Is the A & O

UV radiation can burn the skin and damage your health. It also accelerates skin aging. Even in winter we are exposed daily to the sun’s rays. Our skin care tip: A day cream with sun protection factor effectively prevents the risk.

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