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Shoe Sizes and Age

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Children’s Shoe Fit Guide

Unfortunately there is no worldwide standard for shoe sizes, which means you may require different sizes of shoe from different manufacturers.

Brands usually have slight variations in size. Some might fit a little bigger while some run smaller.

This is a general guideline for the brands of stylish European children’s shoes we carry. Please call (516) 295-0026 or email for individual questions.

Alternatively, you can trace you child’s foot and fax / send it back to us. Our expert fitters will help you find the correct size for the shoe you want.

4 toddler 12 months 20 13.0 cm
5 toddler 12-18 months 21 14.0 cm
6 toddler 18-24 months 22 14.5 cm
7 toddler 2-2½ years 23 15.0 cm
8 child 2½-3 years 24 15.5 cm
8.5 child 3½-4 years 25 16.3 cm
9 child 4 years 26 17.0 cm
10 child 4½ years 27 18.0 cm
11 child 5 years 28 18.5 cm
12 child 5½ years 29 19.0 cm
12.5 child 6 years 30 19.5 cm
13 child 6½ years 31 20.0 cm
1 child 7 years 32 21.0 cm
2 child 7½ years 33 21.5 cm
3 child 8 years 34 22.0 cm
4 child 35 23.0 cm
5 young adult 36 24.0 cm
5 young lady 36 24.0 cm
6 young adult 37 24.5 cm
6 young lady 37 24.5 cm
7 young adult 38 25.5 cm
7 young lady 38 25.5 cm
8 young adult 39 26.0 cm
8 young lady 39 26.0 cm
6 young man 39 26.0 cm
9 young adult 40 26.5 cm
9 young lady 40 26.5 cm
7 young man 40 26.5 cm
10 young adult 41
8 young man 41
11 young adult 42
9 young man 42
(girls usually measure 3/4 size smaller, boys 3/4 size larger) Children’s Shoe Fit Guide by Brand

Andanines Runs small (buy one size larger)
Aster Runs small (buy one size larger)
Blue Bottle Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Bouttacelli True to Size
Camper Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Daph Dap True to Size
Donald J. Pliner Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Geox Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Enzo Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Kid Express Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Lacoste Runs small (buy one size larger)
Lelli Kelli Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Luccini Runs small (buy one size larger)
Maniqui True to Size
Michael Kors Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Minibel Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Mod 8 Runs small (buy one size larger)
Morgan & Milo True to Size
Naturino Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Naot True to Size
Noel True to Size
Peche D’Amour True to Size
Pediped Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Piedini Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Pom D’Api Runs small (buy one size larger)
Ricosta True to Size
Robeez Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Shoe Be Doo Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Tsukihoshi Runs large (buy one size smaller)
Venettini True to Size

Children’s Shoe Durability

On average, a child’s shoe will last for about 4-5 months. Sometimes children may wear out the shoe or a growth spurt may occur and they simply outgrow the shoe. Although children’s shoes are usually made to be more durable than adult shoes, keep in mind that some children are even tougher.

What to Look For in a Children’s Shoe First walkers require a very flexible sole, with some room for growth. Too much room will cause blisters, and tight fits will cause redness and chafing. To ensure an accurate reading when measuring, flatten the foot by shifting your weight forward. If the measurement is between two sizes, always move up to the larger size. Be sure to measure both feet. Many kids have feet of different sizes. Fit to the larger of the two. Fit when your child has been on his/her feet all day because their feet have expanded.

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