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School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

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In a school, uniforms make up a vital part of a student’s environment. One can agree that school uniforms should not be banned as it helps in providing the students with a sense of belonging. School uniforms also helps in preventing the constant wearing of inappropriate attire to school. School uniforms also create a look of neatness and order for onlookers to see. Can one not agree on such things that help to build a better individual? A school is a learning institution, so the students present, should look and feel as if they are apart of a group. School uniforms would help in providing the students with a sense that they belong. Studies show that when a group of persons working together are well uniformed and of equality in appearance, they tend to feel more needed and as if they actually belong to the particular group. If one should compare a set of students who is well uniformed to a group that is supposedly “casually dressed” for school, it would show that the casually dressed would be more tacky and disuniformed.

Students who would not be able to afford the latest in fashion would be looked down upon when compared to a set of those who are able to purchase new outfits every week. Therefore school uniforms should not be banned as it helps the individual to feel a sense of belonging. Likewise, school uniforms would also help to prevent the wearing the wearing of inappropriate attire to school. High waist shorts, tank tops and the various skimpy clothing are what is considered the latest fashion. Without a doubt, if one were to allow school uniforms to be banned, students would most definitely show up with all manner of their body’s showing. How would you like it as a male teacher standing in front of a female student with almost everywhere on her body showing? Look within yourselves, the clothing that would be worn would pose your children as victims of assaults and rape.

Hence, one can agree that school uniforms should not be banned. Similarly, one can agree that school uniforms would help to create a look of neatness and order for outsiders to see. Many may say that school uniforms are unnecessary and does not help in any way, but wouldn’t it be better that when people look at a student, they can recognize the noble institution they are apart of? When a student is well uniformed, it is important to note the effect it will have on outsiders. Without a doubt, one can strongly agree, that wearing school uniforms is the right way to go. Hence, it is indeed seen where school uniforms should not be banned.

Conclusively, it can be agreed upon the fact that school uniforms should not be banned. Indubitably there are many more reasons than these, but never the less, it can be seen where the wearing of school uniform are by all means appropriate to a child’s growth and development.

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