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Roy Adaption Model Theory

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            Impact of professional environment dissemination, such as evidence-based practice has become the best practice of today.

            Roy Adaption Model, (RAM), is one of those models that we know as best practice.  “The model has been used as a framework for research by Roy and others.  During the last 10 years, it has been used in more than 200 quantities research studies.

In Clinical Nursing Science, the model has been used in a program of research related to cognitive recovery of patients with head injury.”  (T. Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005)

            This paper will discuss strategies and integration of how to apply RAM in clinical practice.  The incorporation of the RAM Theory has been clearly researched and sought after.  Through curriculum consultation throughout the USA and eventually worldwide, Dr. Roy received input on the use of the model in education and practice. (Meyers, n.d.) “Roy Adaptation Model is comprised of the 4 domain concepts of person, health, environment, nursing, and a 6 step nursing process.” (Andrew, 1991 n.d.)  The six steps are assessment of behavior, assessment of stimuli, nursing diagnosis, goal setting, intervention and evaluation.

            Roy Adaptation Theory is a model which allows for variables in patient care and clinical application.  Roy saw that the relationship of the model improves nursing practice by integrating theory into everyday processes. (Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005)  The theory is ,multi-dimensional, which looks at the patient in humanistic and holistic manner.  Dr. Roy also felt the need to “redefine adaptation for the 21st century.  She drew upon expanded insight in relating spiritually and scientifically to present a new definition of adaptation and related scientific and philosophical assumptions.” (Meyers, n.d.)

            Clinical application of the model will be a partnership between patient and nurse.  The application of the Roy Adaptation Model will be how to diffuse the theory in the clinical area.  The plan is to develop a strategy that will effectively improve clinical performance.  The first objective will be the developmental stage, which represents the improvements of an existing skill, method, performance or condition that for some reason, does not measure up to current or future needs. (Anderson D & Anderson L. A., 2001)

            The most commonly used developmental change strategy is training for new skills, better communication, or the process for accomplishing the higher goals.  The training and in-service will be in these areas:  Intervention, team building and problem solving and conflict resolution.  Developmental change applies to individuals, groups or the whole organization.  Leaders can best initiate developmental change through sharing information about why the change must take place.

            The staff is capable of improving, and they will improve if provided the appropriate reasons, resources, motivation and training.  Because RAM involves a different way of looking at a patient, the clinical staff will be in-service.  Management must be involved, in order for the change to take place.  Meetings will take place, for exchange of ideas and information.  Hospital administration will set a goal, also, which is to integrate the model into clinical practice.  This goal will support the hospital’s mission, which is to integrate all patient care services, which is provided through an inpatient setting.  Nursing Administration will provide the nursing staff the in-service that is needed.

            In-service classes will be developing on site, such as hands on, self-test modules and working with the staff.  Hospital and nursing administration will set up an implementation committee, which will organize and direct the staff.  The implementation committee will regularly  assess the success of the RAM and its clinical practice and the committee will participate in leadership training in the principles and methods of quality measurement, assessment and improvement.

            With ongoing performance measurement, assessment and improvement processes, the committees use the data to compare prior outcomes with expected outcomes and the beach mark the data to set new goals in improving clinical practice.  Based on the data, the committee would be able to implement activities to upgrade all outcomes.  As with all changes, continued assessment of the model is ongoing, if revision is needed.

            The degree of change in nursing practice, which an individual emits, is directly related to the degree of integration and synthesis of nursing knowledge, which includes nursing foundation, (Science and Humanities,) plus nursing essence , plus methodology, plus disciplined inquiry. (Kalofissudis I & Sell SI Van, 2000/2002)

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