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Reproductive Health Bill

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Reproductive Health Bill or also known as “RH Bill”, aims to control the population in the Philippines. It promotes family planning methods which are safe and legally permissible. It allows the people to use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortion. Moreover, it assures an enabling environment where women and couples have the freedom of informed choice on the mode of family planning they want to adopt based on their needs, personal convictions and religious beliefs. This bill also promotes human development. This is made to address the overpopulation of our country.

The main purpose of Reproductive Health Bill or RH Bill is to provide family planning especially to the poor families and safe contraceptives to the people. It also helps prevent overpopulation which causes famine and poverty in our country Philippines. Furthermore, it helps prevent the abortion in the society. The government is in favor of the bill while the Roman Catholic Church is not, because they said that the bill is a hindrance to the life given by the Almighty God and they are against this bill, because it prevents the production of life which is against the law of God and according to them, they only prevent life which God has given us.

For me I’m pro in this RH BILL, because it can control the population and it is one of the most important benefits of RH Bill, and the advantages of this bill is it allows the economy to control its growing population and favors the rights of women. It also provides family planning to all families in a society and contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortion. Furthermore it also promotes information on and access to both natural and modern family planning methods. Now the government can control it, because our President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III or also known as Noynoy Aquino or Pnoy has signed into law Republic Act No. 10354 or the “Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012” into law last December 21, 2012. As a student, yes it is advantageous, it could control the growing population of our economy, because our country today is now considered as one of the most populated country. There would be less result of teenagers getting pregnant and also to avoid abortion.

It could help a lot of families in a society and lessen poverty. I think there’s nothing wrong with this in implementing RH Bill, because it controls our population and it doesn’t kill life. In fact, it could provide programs to give people a better living and RH Bill aims to achieve the following primary objectives, first, it will help give parents the opportunity to exercise their right to freely and responsibly plan the number and spacing of their children, second it will improve maternal, newborn and child mortality, the bill is primarily a health measure, third, it would give women more opportunities to finish their education and secure productive work by freeing them from unremitting pregnancies, fourth, it will reduce the poverty and achieve sustainable human development, fifth, RH Bill will most definitely help lower the incidence of abortion by preventing unplanned, mistimed and unwanted pregnancies which are the ones usually terminated, sixth, promotion of reproductive health is cost effective, it is much less expensive than the mega projects of government but has more beneficiaries.

Consequently, the RH Bill seeks to provide the enabling environment for couples and individuals to enjoy the basic right to decide freely and responsibly the number of spacing of their children and to have a lot of information, education, and access to safe, effective, affordable, and acceptable methods of family planning of their choice. REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL / RH BILL (ANTI)

Why I’m against RH Bill? It condones negligent parents by saying: “Parents are irresponsible. Who else will teach the children on sex? The Government needs to intervene.” It breaks the natural law, when an egg and sperm cell unite life starts they say it’s only blood there is no life yet until the fetus formed in its 1st trimester, they’re wrong we all starts from that blood how can they say there is no life, how can a blood have no life yet inside the living human. The solution in this matter is to improved access to basic health care, nutrition, medicines and technology are the additional means by which maternal mortality and morbidity can be reduced and eliminated. The pro-RH are “not aware” of the abortifacient nature of contraceptive pills.

“In my opinion, they are not abortifacients.” Now medicine has become a matter of opinion. Add to that the opinion on where life begins. They will always downplay the obvious connection of contraception and abortion as if they are two different advocacies in the real pro-life stand. They will not answer the question of Plan B if contraception fails. We must protect the real essence of the woman, her uterus, by keeping the dangerous pills from destroying it. The mandate of the RH bill to increase obstetric care and skilled birth attendants, is not emphasized in this bill. The causes of maternal mortality and morbidity are limited: hemorrhage, infection, obstructed labor and hypertensive disorders. These causes can be significantly addressed through investment in skilled birth attendants, and provision of health education for women and families. Contraceptives can cause cancer and other health problems.

Overpopulation is not the problem. The problems are government corruption and the unequal distribution of wealth and resources. Contraceptives are not always reliable and effective in preventing conception, they can fail and such failures can lead to abortion decisions. The availability of contraceptives can encourage risky and irresponsible sexual behavior, especially among the youth. This consequent contraceptive mentality reduces sexuality to its physical component, fosters sexual promiscuity, and can undermine marriages. Yes, we can help the poor all we want. But we cannot be charitable by getting money from other people through taxes and by having the business, health and education sectors under state control in the name of helping the marginalised sector of the society. If the government is really sincere in helping curbing out poverty, it must work its ways on how to increase the average family income every Filipinos, instead, and not in wasting our taxes to buy condoms and contraceptives! Why the government can’t focus in providing jobs for its people?

Increase investors’ trust? And increase its competitiveness in the world market? My point is without RH Bill, we still have the choice! But with the passage of this bill, it will regulate our freedom far from protecting it! The law will force every employer including doctors and health workers to give condoms and contraceptives! The law will penalize those who will not comply! They will punish every individual who will engage in disinformation about this bill! Sex education will be included in the academic curriculum of our students at very young age! Our taxes and prices of commodities will increase because they will give free condoms and contraceptives to people without consideration if recipients will use these! RH Bill violates our freedom of speech and Religion. It is unconstitutional. All of these are reasons why this bill is stupid and evil.

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