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Reproductive Health Bill Persuasive

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The Reproductive Health Bill, popularly known as the RH Bill, is a Philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. It is said here that this bill will require the government to fund the devices such as pills and IUD’s that will be used in controlling the population. We all know that poverty is visible to big families. The government doesn’t want this to happen anymore. That’s why they are pushing this but, the Catholic Bishop’s Council of the Philippines is not agreeing with this. They said that through this RH Bill many human beings will be killed and there will be abortion, more adultery, female impoverishment and the like.

RH Bill is one of the hottest issues in our country. At first, I really don’t know what is it for? Then after so many headlines I’ve understand what is it all about. With my age, I think I did not fully understand if it is really good or bad. I have so many thoughts in my mind but as I understand, the first thing that comes out in my mind is that it is in contradiction with the church in the way that sex is means of reproducing or making babies and its God’s gift to us and we should respect it for it is a blessing and He gave that for us to use it. Although it is not necessarily means that we cannot enhance our race if we have RH bill but what I am thinking is that what are those effects that might happen to every individual like having respect to every women. Make sense. If RH bill will allow the legal use of contraceptives like condoms and modern family planning, think of the possible things that might happen to every women like by using IUDs that might put individual at risk and by using condoms and introducing teens for sex education, it will only open the maliciousness of the children.

Another thing is why the government should spend a big money for those condoms instead of helping many poor Filipinos. They will only teach many them to be sex centered. Just like nowadays there is increasing rate of liberated Filipinos and for me RH bill will not solve that problem it will just increase the HIV and STD victims. Another thing is, Sex without marriage is not permitted by the church so what will happen if we will have RH Bill everybody will think that its ok to have sex to anybody. For the government, why not think for a better idea? Strengthen the church. Help every Filipino to have strong faith and focus their mind to God and by that they will be stopped for being sinful. So based on my reaction to this matter i guess you have already guessed if I am Pro or anti this bill. On top of these, for me, RH BILL will just destroy the value of family life and tradition close to the hearts of every Filipinos.

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