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Renaissance man

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Leonardo di ser Pierre da Vinci was a man who changed the world. Widely considered an archetype of the “Renaissance man”, he was a person whose curiosity as equaled only by his intelligence and talent. He was a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician, and writer. Many claim he was the neatest man to ever live- a real genius – and his talents in many areas of science and art are simply impossible to deny. After so many centuries of history, one thing’s for sure: he was one of a kind. Here are a number of the numerous inventions through which Leonardo da Vinci contributed to mankind: I Something as simple yet as important because the scissors had a serious importance within the development of mankind. Who knows what percentage centuries would have passed without having the ability to utilize this tool had it not been for this man? Still, this often one of among da Vinci’s more controversial inventions, which archaeological evidence indicating rudimentary scissors from ancient Egypt, and cross-bladed scissors from ancient Rome. However, it’s clear that Leonardo made detailed sketches of scissors and certainly contributed to the design of scissors we see today.

II The first parachute had been imagined and sketched by Leonardo da Vinci within the 15th century. It’s hard to believe something as “modern” as a parachute could’ve been invented over 500 years ago. Leonardo’s parachute design consists of sealed linen cloth held open by a pyramid of wooden poles — about seven meters long. The invention would allow any man to “throw himself down from any great height without suffering any injury,” Leonardo said. Still, because his ideas were way before his time, the technology wasn’t ready to sustain his ideas, thus nobody invented a practical parachute until 1783. Like many of his monumental discoveries, Leonardo’s parachute was never tested. However, the cool part is that in 2000, daredevil Adrian Nichols actually built a parachute supported Leonardo’s designs. Despite great skepticism from most people , the parachute worked smoothly and Nichols even complemented its smooth ride.

III Without a doubt, the foremost famous painting within the world, the Mona Lisa (or Gioconda) has fascinated people for hundreds of years – and permanently reason. It is said that just the lips took 10 years to make! Also, it’s fueled a powerful amount of theories not only thanks to its mysterious smile and implicit (for some) sexual hint, but also due to the very fact that it also has some man traits, despite also having pregnant features. Still, it had been worth every second, because the whole picture — especially the enigmatic smile — is that the crowning of a genius. The painting may be a portrait of Lisa Gherardini, but there’s more to the painting than simply Lisa. Many have seen the Mona Lisa as a fusion between both male and feminine features, while others see in it clear features of the Virgin Mary. Despite not being attractive during a traditional way, Gioconda embodies the perfect woman. Her gaze fixes the observer regardless of where he’s positioned (seriously, try it), and her legacy fixes a typical for art which was never achieved again.

Thus, these creations shown by Leonardo da Vinci express his intelligence and perception. His ideas helped influence modern art and engineering. There will never be another Leonardo.

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