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Reflection on 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

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Paul seeks to hold up the Macedonian church as an example for the Corinthians to follow in the giving of alms. He submits the following as principles:

  • Giving is a grace: it is this grace that arouses them to give, for how else could the natural man act so selflessly for the betterment of another but by the work of grace? More so, not out of the comfort of plenty but of austerity and suffering. Verses 1-2.
  • Christian giving is voluntary: it was considered as a favor and privilege from God to minister to the needs of others thus grabbing the chance to love Christ back a bit. Verses 4, 8, &12.
  • Every man should give: the poor and the rich; the afflicted and the free; and indeed all men should give according to their abilities. Verses 12-15.
  • Gifts should be proportional to Income: what is given should not make a mockery of the financial and material status of the giver so that every need be supplied and there be eventual equality in the church. Verses 12-14.

Principles Applications in Contemporary Churches

  • Giving is as important as faith, utterance (preaching), knowledge (spiritual), diligence, and even love. As such, it should be taught and encouraged in church with similar emphasis.
  • Believers, like Jesus, should demonstrate their followership of him by giving selflessly to those in need, seeing he is our example.
  • With all joy and willingness, let us not stop just at desiring, but move on to actually give as much as the lord enables us.
  • Believers should all share a sincere desire for even distribution of the necessities of life among the people of God.


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