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Present Tense and Ant

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Once upon a time there was a man who liked hunting very much. He often went to the forest to hunt any animal he met. One day he went hunting into the forest. He intended to shoot any animal he saw. He brought his gun with him. When he was searching for his pre, suddenly he saw a bird perching on a branch of a tree. It was a dove. When he was aiming his gun at the dove, suddenly an ant came and bit his foot. He was so startled that he didn’t shoot the dove. It was safe and then flew away. Several days later, the dove was flying over a lake. He saw an ant floating on the surface of the water. It was the ant that had saved the dove’s life from the hunter. The ant was almost drowned. The dove got an idea, he picked up a big leaf and dropped it onto the surface of the water near the ant. Luckily the ant could get on the leaf. The ant tried to bring the leaf to the edge of the lake and landed on the ground. The ant was safe because the dove helped him. Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

(Once Upon A Time Vol.1, Dhingra, Delhi – India)

1. The type of the text is…
a. Argumentative text d. Exposition text b. Descriptive text e. Recount text d. Narrative text

2. The hunter was very … when the ant bit his foot.
a. Angry c. Shocked
b. Furious d. Surprised
c. Disappointed

3. Which one of the following sentences INCORRECT or IRRELEVANT with the text above?
a. The man hunted some animal that he met in the forest
b. The hunter saw a dove on the branch of tree
c. The man didn’t shoot the dove because of a policeman
d. The dove helped the ant that on the surface of water
e. The dove ant was safe because of the dove

4. One day he went hunting into the forest (2nd paragraph)
The synonym of underlined word (forest) is…
a. Animal b. Jungle c. Lake d. River e. Sea

5. The purpose of the text above is to…
a. tell the readers of the story
b. to explain the readers of the story
c. to entertain the readers of the story
d. to inform the readers of the story
e. to retell the readers of the story
6.What is the tenses the use mostly?
a.Simple present tense
b.Present Tense
c.Past Tense
d.Future Tense

7.The Dove in the text is some types of:

8.Who want to kill the dove?
a.The Ant
b.The writer
c.The reader
d.The hunter

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