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Pisces of a (Very Young) Man

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Here was a young man; he was too young to work but him rather work for any position instead of asking money for his parent. He worked as a dishwasher in a steak house. He doesn’t like the job because the heat from dishwasher was extremely hot. Everyone knew he was underage to work but no one treated him like a kid but more like a friend. Sooner he got familiar with the machines, he know how to beat the heat and his supervisor always gave him extra salary. Their kindness and friendliness were the reasons he didn’t quit the job. The writer in the story was a young man, he made money to support his living, he felt like belittle or insulted by others because adults always treated him like a kid. He wants to grow faster so everyone will treat him like a man. First of all, one of the reasons that the kid wants to become a man popped into my mind were he felt unfair about everyone define his ability depend on his age. Everyone wonders what can an 11 or 12 years old kid able to except eat, sleep, play and study. Secondly, he never mention about his father in the story.

He felt like he was the only man in the family, he has the responsibility to take care of himself and his mother. Compare to the young man in the story, I’m much older than him, I’m have classes from Monday to Thursday and a job on Friday and Saturday. My parents didn’t give me any pocket money after me able to support myself. I can apply Tap and financial aid to cover my tuition. One time, I complained about my parents didn’t give me any money in front of my boss, she said “don’t you proud of yourself of you doesn’t need the help from your parents?” Since that day, I spend my own money without any guiltiness. In conclusion, discrimination no only happens in school but everywhere included workplace. Someone can be excellent in sport but poor in study or someone’s young but able to earn money like Warren Buffet made his money since he was 11. Everyone deserve to be treated equally.

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