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Personal Branding Plan Paper

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My name is Alana Reyna, I am a unique individual to meet because I am what some may call the jack of all trades. Growing up I never was really certain on just one thing that I wanted to do so I decided to try various different careers in my life. When I first started out by going to a Vocational school in 1999 I decided to do the CAN program and learned how to be a provider. I also tested to be a Medical Assistant since at that time the programs were the same so there was not any additional classes that had to be taken. After being a medical assistant in various doctors’ offices ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics I decided to attend LVN schooling. In 2000 I attended LVN school and was working at a Hospital where I worked several departments and was also cross trained as a Unit secretary. In the Year 2001 I decided that I would work as an aid for the developmentally disabled. I did this job until about 2003 where I decided to go to Pet grooming school. I also went to school to do nails.

I worked as a nail technician and after I completed the animal grooming courses I worked for a mobile pet grooming service. In the year 2005 I decided to do waitressing work and did this for several years until 20011 when I started to be a Manager for Subway where I remained for 4 years. I recently got my associates of arts in small business management. About 2 months ago I started my own business where I am a presenter with Younique and I sell makeup. I have enjoyed all of my careers and I have decided to peruse my education and hopefully one day I will become successful with my Younique business. Possibly one day in the future I would also like to peruse dome of my experiences by working with some companies that will allow me to use my skills that I have learned over the years. One day I would like to work for PetSmart grooming so that I could gain some skills and broaden the skills that I learned while going to school for pet grooming. Maybe someday I would like to open my own grooming at my home. Another company that I would not mind working for would be Avon. I always bought Avon products while growing up and really like them.

As a presenter for Younique I have learned to be open minded when it comes to makeup and I could gain some additional skills to enhance my current business. Over the years I always enjoyed being a manager and I think that if I were to go back to work as a manager I would like to be a manager for Starbucks. I love coffee and worked there as a barista many years as and I always enjoyed their marketing and there specialty drinks. No matter what type of job I feel like doing more than likely I have some experience doing it and can apply at a variety of places. Taking a lot of different paths in life in my careers has really broadened my outlook on jobs in the future and I look forward to continuing to gain experience when it comes to jobs.

At this point in life I honestly would like to focus more on putting my degrees to work and use what I have learned in school to grow my business and possibly continue on with my education in business management. I have got my Associate of arts in small business management and am currently working on my bachelors of science in business management. Working for myself has opened my eyes and made me realize that I really do not want to continue working for anyone else but myself. As I have gotten older I have gained experience that will help me in running a successful business for myself. I am open to further training but feel that if I do work for someone I bring a vast variety of experience to the table.

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