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Performance Appraisal System

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Performance appraisal systems are extremely important in an organization and depends mostly on the work there employees do. These systems allow tracking the progress and success of your employees. It is also a great tool for the employees to track their progress. It allows both managers and subordinates to see how their strength, and their weak points. An effective PA program will assist the company in achieving its goals and objectives. “Not only will training needs be identified and addressed during a PA review, but hidden talent can be discovered as well. Through identifying these training needs, staff can perform their jobs at the highest level and be in a better position to address clients’, members’ and customers’ concerns and questions. A well-developed staff is more likely to be proactive, productive and resourceful, all of which helps give the company a competitive edge, from improved customer relations to increased profits (The Importance of Having a Performance Appraisal Program, Part I,” 2004).

In order to determine who is doing well, how well they are doing and where they need improvement; quarterly, monthly and yearly appraisals are a necessary tool. “Workplace appraisals actively involve employees understanding what is expected of them. By setting agreed objectives with your employer or line manager and then reviewing the results some weeks or months later, each employee is made responsible for their own performance. They are an opportunity to review strengths and weaknesses, to take an overall assessment of work content, loads and volume and to look back on what has been achieved already and to Set Goals and Objectives for the following period (www.SafeWorkers.com, 2013)”. A strong Performance appraisal should evaluate all the core competencies and skills to complete all task and goals set the organization. The appraisal should have individual categories listing all the skills and competencies’ separately. It should have a metric system for each category. The performances metric system should clearly tell the manager and the employee where they are at and where they need to be.

The appraisal System would start with Personal knowledge: how well the employee knows the program and its regulations. The second Organization Mission: is the employee representing the organization’s mission in it work. Third Initiative: does the employee take action when needed. Do they have problem solving skills or will they go above and beyond to get the job done. Forth Dependability and work ethic: do they have good attendance, are they organized, do they complete all task in a timely matter, and do they display professional behaviors and attitudes. Fifth Development: do they embrace trainings, continue to improve on skills and knowledge, contribute ideas and help unit growth. Sixth communication: do they express clear and concisely both verbally and written. The element of communication is extremely important in Human Service Organizations. Lastly Interpersonal skills: developing relationships with clients and co workers, Showing kindness, respect, and empathy. Also an individual’s ability to resolve personal issues in a professional manner and exhibiting courteously, sensitivity to others and their opinions. These categories would be measured on a scale that allows you to see exactly where the employee falls on its metric system.

For instance: Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Partially Meets Expectation and Does Not Meet Expectations. This allows the employee to see exact where they are, where they need to be and even how much further they can go. An appraisal serves as a tool for both employees and employers. The employee now has a map with clear directions to where he needs to go. When used appropriately Performance appraisals benefit both you and the employer. When you meet to discuss your appraisal with your manager you have the opportunity to set new goals for your next appraisal. Your manager can help by making suggestions and also welcoming your input on what you feel you need in order to achieve the goals. “It is important to realize that workplace appraisals are a ‘two-way’ conversation. They’re simply not about an employer telling you what you are doing well and where you need to improve or what you are doing badly but also an opportunity for you to tell your employer how you think you’re doing and to suggest ways in which the company can help you to fulfill your potential even more(www.SafeWorkers.com, 2013)”.

Human Resource can also use this tool to determine who their most effective workers are and who they should consider when promotions come around. It is also a great tool when considering merit raises, bonuses and incentives. It is important for Organizations to recognize those employees that not only meet but also exceed their expectations. These individuals have the potential to be great leaders, and future managers. They are also great resources for training and shadowing projects. They can help others with performance and work quality. Again Performance Appraisals are a great tool when used correctly. Managers must take them seriously and evaluations’ should be accurate. “Before the PA program is up and running, a performance appraisal form should be designed with input from managers. It should be able to sufficiently measure performance, be simple enough for all employees to complete, and not take more than an hour to finish.

In implementing the PA program, top management should give the plan its blessing; employees should understand how it works, and the staff at large should be encouraged to view the program as a valuable human resources tool (The Importance of Having a Performance Appraisal Program, Part I,” 2004)”.


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