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Pepperdine Personal Statement

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            The real world awaits a person after graduating with his/her graduation and fulfillment of his/her selected field regarding academic matters. Work place is a place wherein one will be able to develop his/her potentials and abilities to the fullest since his/her elementary years are training grounds for people to have a foundation of their personalities which might be needed for the careers they have chosen to pursue. If ever one has been accepted in his/her field, of course there are many qualifications they have to pass in order to enter that certain job.

            On my part, I want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in your University that focuses on Business administration. This degree involves a lot of thinking and planning whereby I can learn many things that is specifically designed in leading people and manage business. I have many experiences in planning and organizing some events in our school and even in the family, and all of them as I recall are successful. That is one reason why I chose to get this degree. Organizing, planning and implementing are the fields I am best at. Many people trust me because of my ability to handle people and my good skill for time management. I have never been confronted or scolded because of an unfinished business or a late project. I can say, I have a good grasp of my appointments and commitments that made my activities successful.

            My childhood contributed to the skills I have gained now because my parents sent me to Singapore at a young age; I was seven years old then, for my education. I am born in Indonesia but I am really a Chinese. I started studying there (in Singapore) and I think my parents did it for a reason that they wanted me to learn many things on my own at that age and they were right by planning and doing so. Even at that age, I am already engaged in doing charity works like when I got the chance to visit Changmai, Thailand where we reached the orphans by giving them some presents and teaching them some English words they might need for basic communication. I enjoyed doing it for the purpose of expressing my gratitude to the Creator that he has provided me of things a person needs. I feel that I am really blessed since I have my parents who’s been part of the make up of my whole being, so I am extending my thanksgiving by sharing some stuffs with other people who might be less fortunate than I am. Actually, I am planning to build an orphanage in due time. If I will earn enough money after finishing my chosen career, I will try  to build a shelter for the children and some old fellows, I will really not hesitate to give them a part of my earnings.

            I also like travelling to other places even if it’s in or out of the country and I am able to meet different people of course from different nations which give me the idea how we are different from the others. With this, I am able to communicate with other people which help me to have the skills that would help me about the things I should be learning in this degree. I think that it is an important skill, that I have good working relationship with other people since we are of various perspectives and insights.

            If I will be given a chance to be accepted in this university, I guess I will be able to have the necessary skills that I will need in the real world, as what I have mentioned in the first part of this letter. Since I am a fast learner, I think I will not have a hard time catching up with the lessons and other aspects and trainings under this degree. When I get into the work place, I think that what this university will inculcate in my mind will be a big factor that I can work hand in hand with other members of the company in order to achieve one main goal, and that is to be known by the professionalism its workers have and the high standard service we might be able to produce. And since I can still work on critical situation, I know that being in this institution, Pepperdine University will enhance that ability and of course it will make me fit with the opportunities I that is waiting in the world after my college years. Your acceptance will really be a good chance to prove you everything I have stated in this letter.

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