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Pandan Leaves

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This chapter presents the nature of the study, the experimental design diagram, place and time of the study and the data gathering. The materials or equipment of the experiment are also present that gives extract technical specifications and source of method of preparation for all materials used. The procedure in making cockroach repellent out of pandan leaves extract is also present in this chapter through a flow chart.

A. Experimental Design Diagram
Pandan (Pandanus amaryllfolius) Leaves As Cockroach Repellent Hypotheses
1. Pandan leaves are effective in killing cockroaches.
2. T3 is the most effective in killing cockroaches.
3. There is a significant difference among the treatments in killing cockroaches in terms of the time it took to kill.

Independent Variable
Concentration of Pandan Leaves Extract
Dependent Variable
Time used in killing cockroach
T0= untreated
T1= 20ml Pandan Leaves Extract, 15ml water
T2= 20ml Pandan Leaves Extract, 10ml water
T3= 20ml Pandan Leaves Extract, 5ml water
Number of Trials

Control Variable
T0= untreated

B. Materials
One hundred pieces of green Pandan leaves were gathered at Brgy. Paagan, Santol, La Union. A scissor was used in cutting the Pandan leaves. In extracting the juice of the Pandan, blender was used. Mortar and pestle, 100ml graduated cylinder and reagent bottles were also used in conducting the experiment. C. Preparation of Treatments

From the extract juice, the following concentrations were made:
a) T0= untreated
Cockroaches were not exposed to any concentrations.
b) T1= 20mL of Pandan leaves extract and 15mL water
Cockroaches were exposed to 20mL Pandan leaves extract were mixed with 15mL water

c) T2= 20mL of Pandan leaves extract and 10mL water
Cockroaches were exposed to 20mL Pandan leaves extract were mixed with 10mL water

d) T3= 20mL of Pandan leaves extract and 5mL water
Cockroaches were exposed to 20mL Pandan leaves extract were mixed with 5mL water D. Data Gathering
There were dark places in the four corners of home which contain cockroach larvae. The different concentrations were applied on the dark places containing cockroach larvae. Then the time it took the different concentrations of Pandan leaves to repel cockroach larvae were observed. Three trials of the same sate-up were made. All the data were recorded.

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