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One says, “To make profits.” Another says, “To create customers.” The third says, “To fight world hunger.”

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In a series of interviews, you ask three recruiters to describe the missions of their companies. One says, “To make profits.” Another says, “To create customers.” The third says, “To fight world hunger.” Analyze and discuss what these mission statements tell you about each of the companies. Rewrite these mission statements (based on your reading of what a good mission statement should be composed of) but be sure that they reflect the same mission as the ones listed above.

Company 1- “To make money”

Like most companies, company 1’s primary objective is profit-driven. It may seem that it’s tactics and long-term strategies is the generation of wealth for its shareholders. The company may opt to maximize immediate goals of generating profits, foregoing customer fidelity.

Hence it may adopt an aggressive marketing approach to persuade potential customers by all means that they have the best product on the market. However we cannot discount those long-term objectives does not matter as long-term corporate vision may prove to be a better way to maximize profits.

A rewritten mission statement: ” Wealth creation for our shareholders”

Company 2- “To create customers”

The recruiter will be looking for team players who value customers. In fact this company is aiming to improve sales figures by creating a demand for a product. Nowadays most commodities we find in a shopping mall are merely wants, not basis necessities. The company is trying to market its product by turning this ‘wants’ into a ‘needs’ for the customer.

Usually the products and services of such company will be user-friendly packed and presented, while the marketing must be carried out tactfully to create a need for the product.

A rewritten mission statement: ” We aim to enhance the quality of life of our customers”

Company 3- ” To fight world hunger”

This company is most likely a charitable institution like “Oxfam” or ” Save the Children”. The recruiter will be looking for people who are not seeking for materialistic gains for themselves. This non-profit driven company aims to obtain donation in cash and other forms from the ‘wealthier’ and distribute them to the poor across the world. Otherwise it will source for cheap healthy food and sell without making a profit.

The person working for this organization has the desire to help other people rather than seeking personal gains.

A rewritten mission statement: ” A better world for everyone”

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