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Norris Company

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Norris Company is running a nationwide commercial business. It operated three printing plants. Chet Craig is the manager of central plant. There are many problems in the central plant, such as Chet could not complete his job on time; supervisors are unable to solve the daily production problems on their own; and organization structure is poor. They really need to know are what reason makes that problems happened, what have to change, and how to deal with it. There are three main problems in the central plant. One is time management. As the manager, Chet did not plan his own schedule well and not complete the project which supposes to complete. The second is employee confidence. It seems that every supervisor has to talk to Chet for every small thing. They can not decide it themselves. The third one is plant operating. The plant is behind the schedule. Employees and supervisors are not noticed how many tasks need to be complete. Lack of fit between people and organization tasks, people and organization process, and organization structure and tasks are the causing of the problems in the central plant. Employees are not familiar with tasks that they need to do and they are not familiar with what authority they have. They have to ask Chet every time; it directly caused the efficiency.

So many supervisors and departments are causing not enough employees to do the tasks. The goals that central plant needs to touch are ensure enough employees to do the job and enough time to complete it, be ahead of schedule, and more efficient. There are many departments and supervisors. Each one of then have to make sure that they have job to do, and they have to complete the tasks on time. The schedule is already behind it. They need to increase the efficiency and be ahead of schedule. Central plant could develop an organized schedule. Instead of asking by the employees randomly, Chet needs to plan his own schedule seriously. He has to know what have to be done by the end of day. Create a better structure so that everyone can do his or her job.

It can combines two or three departments and only have one supervisor to be responsible. Define responsibility of each employee. Employees may not know the authority they have. Define it and make sure everyone knows who has responsibility for that part. The recommendation for central plant is to create a better organization structure. Every organization would be doing better if it has a clear hierarchy. The power of authority would recognized by each employee of the central plant. They know which one is report to, and who is responsible for. It could reduce the time that asking Chet, and Chet will has time to deal with other projects. A better organization structure means doing the tasks more efficiently.

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