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My innocent childhood

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Looking at the lovely photos in my purse, I will always recall, in retrospect, my innocent childhood. They are the photos taken at different ages of me and there are also photos of my friends and family. I enjoy looking at them when I feel miserable or tired. They will make me more energetic towards my work.

I am Vivian and fourteen years old. I live in Jardin’s Lookout with my parents and my elder brother. I was born in Hong Kong. I am a girl who is always very happy and just like a kid who never grows up. I like dancing and swimming a lot! I also play piano. I am now in grade 4 and I am going to have the grade 5 piano examination next year. I hope I can past it as easily as I did in the past.

One of the photos in my purse is taken when I first got a gold medal from a swimming gala. From that time onwards, I love swimming very much. I go practice swimming every day for two hours. I enjoy swimming a lot. The moment I jumped into the water, I forget all my unhappiness and troubles. I just concentrate in swimming. However, after I studied in secondary school, I didn’t have much time for swimming. Two years ago, I stopped swimming, which I really regret.

Another photo in my purse is taken when I got the certificate from my ballet teacher. I appreciate ballet very much! I think ballet is very elegant and it makes me feel very comfortable when looking at the performance. The dancers are really great! I want to dance as well as they are. However, after I had the examination of grade one, I found it very difficult to dance and I gave up ballet.

My favorite photo is the one taken with my family. It is so sweet! I am really lucky to have parents who treat me as a princess and a superior brother who is good at academic and sports. My father is a lawyer who really loves his work. He is always concentrating on his work so that he forgets to have his meals! My mother is now a housewife who used to be a businesswoman in the past. She stopped working after gave birth to me because she finds difficulty in taking care of two children who are sometimes very naughty. My brother always gets great results in academic and in sports. He always gets almost full marks in his reports. He is good at swimming and he also plays soccer, basketball and rugby. Sometimes, I really think he is a superman and I admire him very much.

My next favorite photo is the one taken with my schoolmates. I can say that I have quite a lot of different schoolmates. I still keep in touch with my primary schoolmates. We always have a gathering each year. Also, I have many friends in my former secondary school before coming to study in CIS. We treat each other just like sisters. We tell each other everything and share our happiness and sadness. Although this is the first year I study in CIS, I have already met some new friends and they treat me as part of them. I am really glad that I came to study in CIS because I can meet these good friends!

The last but not the least photo, is the taken with lovely friends. I met them when I went to camp last summer. Although most of them are older than me, they treat me as their younger sister. So after a summer, I gained many elder “brothers” and “sisters”! I learn a lot from them. They always took good care of me in the camp because it was very challenging. There were lots of outdoor activities which were very frightening, such as walking alone on a high beam which is 2 meters high and without anything for support. The camp was really terrific! The campers were pretty nice, too.

This is me. I am a girl who is quite optimistic. I feel fear when I face problems but I will not leave it there and run away. I will solve the problem by myself or ask for help. I love my family but may be sometimes I just can’t control my temper. I also love my friends and I can’t live without them!

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