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My Animal Is A Jaguar

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This animal lives on the forest floor. Jaguar can be up to 6.4 ft long and 2.5 ft tall. The Jaguar is found in a variety of habitats across its range from dense swamp areas to scrubland and savanas. But they are always near water this is because Jaguars are different from other cats it likes water and it finds its prey in the water. A male protects 80-90 km squared. Jaguars use scratch marks, urine, feces to mark their territory. Jaguars can live up to be 12 – 15 years old. They live this long because they are carnivores and carnivores typically longer than herbivores. Also they live in a place with a lot of wildlife. But if humans keep on the path we are on we will wipe out all jungles and wildlife will have nowhere to go and nothing to eat and they will quickly become extinct. Jaguars can weigh up to 250 lbs. They weigh so much because they live in an environment that is rich with wildlife that it is kind of hard not to get fat. That is if you are a carnivores animal. Jaguars can go up to 65 miles per hour.

They go this fast because they have long muscular legs from running after and snagging their prey from trees. I bet if Jaguars were the size of cheetahs they would be just as fast as cheetahs. Jaguars are only hunted by one thing and that is humans. Like come on! Humans hunt them for their hides and sometimes for meat but that is not likely. Jaguars can have up to 4 cubs in a litter. The cubs will live with their mom until they are 2 years old. When cubs are born for the first 2 week they are blind but they will gain sight after that. Here are some fun facts about the Jaguar: In the zoo bones are a regular part of the Jaguars diet. The name Jaguar comes from the Native American word Yaguar. Genetic mutations can cause a all black Jaguar. Jaguars can see six times better than a humans at night. The Jaguars scientific name is Panthera onca. Jaguars are the largest cat in the Americas, and the third largest cat in the world. The Jaguars jaws are strong enough to crack a sea turtle’s shell. Jaguars do not roar the only make is something between a cough and a growl. The Jaguar is unique because of its special pattern in its fur they are called rosettes. They are called rosettes because they look like roses. Their fur is usually orange or tan.

Jaguars eat a very wide variety of animals and one meal is cattle. This is one reason people kill them. But also they eat rodents, peccaries, deer, birds, fish, armadillos, turtles, crocodiles, capybaras, birds, and monkeys. The Jaguar is the fiercest of it’s of all the felines. The Jaguar is a fantastic hunter it can kill its name means he who kills in one leap. The Jaguar is found on the American continent. They live in Texas Arizona. The largest known population is in the amazon rainforest. Jaguars are also found in Africa, and Asia. In the tropical part of their range,Jaguars will mate in any season. In other parts of their range they mate in later parts of the year. Newborns weigh 2-11 pounds. Babies will hunt with their mom for the first two years then start with their dad. The Jaguar has changed in its ways of hunting from all other large cats. First It hides in a tree near a large herd of animals then it pounces onto a animal once it has caught the animal it will last pierce the animals skull with its sharp canines. While all the other big cats are off just using their strangulatory methods. In conclusion Jaguars are very magnificent creatures. With very cool and different ways of staying alive

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