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Moving up the Corporate Ladder

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  1. I think that a certain social stigma involved with food service jobs, especially fast food restaurants are a factor that deters youths from seeking employment in these places. Fast food jobs may be seen as demeaning and very stressful jobs for minimum wage. These jobs are also seen as temporary solutions until a person finds a more stable office job or career. This view may also tell us that the possibility of rising up through the ranks of a fast food corporation by starting out from flipping hamburgers is not realized by most young people.
  2. In changing careers, Cain risked losing his high salary, his company benefits as well as his career. Cain was already set for life in Coca Cola. In risking his career, Cain was poised to gain faster career advancement, a more lovable work environment, and a new change of pace that some people might want. In cases where one transfers from the big pond to being the big fish in a smaller pond, these also often come with more responsibilities and privileges that the previous job may not have.
  3. Aside from taxes, I think business owners should help the community by employment. It should nurture not only the physical and financial community but also the human community by providing a source of income for the community’s residents. This would create a trickle down effect by sharing the income of the business with the community residents who in turn use their salaries to fund other businesses in the community. Additionally, a business that invests in the community manpower will also be invested in institutions that improve the manpower such as schools and libraries.
  4. For me, I would rather work for myself that work my way up through a large corporation. The appeal of being in charge of my own goals and destiny outweigh the stability and promises of working for a faceless organization. Additionally, working for myself would allow me to work at my own pace and set my own terms – my uniform, my work schedule and my career path. All at the risk of having no career down the road.

Case: The Rule of 72

  1. Using the rule of 72 and an inflation rate of 9% gives us (72/9) eight years for college tuition to double. This means that by the time your children go to college 16 years from now, the price for college education would have doubled twice (16/9). With a principal of $20,000 per year, college tuition 16 years from now would cost $80,000 per year.
  2. If the value doubles in 12 years we could get the inflation rate by using the rule of 72 backwards. We divide 72 by 12 to get the inflation rate of 6%. To verify, we redo the rule of 72 with an inflation rate of 6% and we find out that this gives us 12 years for a good to double its value.
  3. The rule of 72 gives us 12 years for the principal to double with an interest rate of 6%. After 48 years, a good at 6% inflation rate would have doubled four times – put another way it would be sixteen times its original value (24 = 16). For the bank deposit of $1,000 dollars, it would be worth $16,000 dollars down the road.
  4. The national debt will double in 12 years at an interest rate of 6% (72/6 = 12). Were the interest rate to go up to 8%, the time for the debt to double would be cut short by 36 months at 9 years (72/8 = 9).

Case:Got a Deadline? Click Here

  1. In my case, I wouldn’t consider myself as the kind of person to purchase a paper from a website and then turn it in as my own, regardless of the existence of tools that help professors catch plagiarizers. For me, it just seems that doing so would be cheating not only the school but most importantly me. Students (or their parents) are paying for the privilege of getting an education at colleges and universities. While writing papers may be a chore it is also a part of the educational experience you are paying for and paying someone else to do it for you seems to me like throwing away money twice – for the tuition and the paper.
  2. I think that the owner has a valid argument when he points out how generic papers could get turned in and still receive credit. However, at this point I find it hard to agree that his actions are helping improve education. Currently, his website serves to help students breeze through necessary class requirements – earning a profit from the laziness of students. If his actions were leading to changes in the way faculty hands out assignments then I would agree that what he has done has been good for education. In the meantime, while he profits from indolence, I shall consider his statement as overstretching the truth.
  3. If I were the professor, I would challenge myself to create more innovative and challenging assignments term after term. In doing so, I hope to dissuade my students from downloading ready made papers if my assignments are really innovative and unique. Additionally, I should reward paper content not only on the quality of the research done but also on the amount of creative thought that the student has put into the paper. I would value creativity and insight over tenacity and thoroughness if I were to grade papers. Lastly, I could always choose to replace paper assignments with oral recitation which eliminates the plagiarism possibility and also develops the ability of the student to focus on really internalizing what he/she has learned in class.
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