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Motivation Plan Argumentative

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In today world every business organization has a diverse workforce and each employee has a specific motivation and emotion. Understanding the challengers involved in creating an environment that combines the employees’ motivation, satisfactions, and job performance in an organized and an effective workplace is what a good manager should understand. A manager must create a plan incorporating the employees’ job satisfaction, motivation, and performance. The perception of both managers and employees are ensuring that the viewpoints are incorporated into the plan for optimistic influence. According to Robbins and Judge (2013), “Motivation is the method that accounts for a direction, individual intensify, and persistence of an effort toward a specific goal. Satisfaction is defined as the “fulfillment of a need or want” and performance is defined as “the execution of an action or fulfillment of a clam, promise, or request.”

Motivation, satisfaction, and performance are important aspects that a manger must utilize with people and each aspect can be define as a success or failure of the employees or as a team. The manager will be able to increase an employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance, if a manager has a positive influence within his or her span of control. Most manager can influence a variation of tools in increasing and gauging employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. In order to provide a positive and efficient work-life balance, these are some of the tools a manager can provide such as employee survey, performance evaluations and team building sessions. Compensation is a very important aspect for rewarding increased performance but has a limited effect in increasing an employee motivation and satisfaction (Robbins and Judge, 2013).

One of several tools a manager can use is rewarding employees with compensation is an important aspect of increasing performance, motivation, and satisfaction. Although most managers go beyond the norms of compensation a talented manager will understand the importance of incorporating different methods to achieve positive feedback from the employees. Therefore, creating a positive work environment will enable the manager to bring together several traits that an effective office to achieve the desired outcome. A fastest way to achieve motivation from the employees is compensation, but will not automatically sustain motivation over a long period of time. There are several ways of motivating employee through genuine appreciation. This will ensure that employees are satisfied within his or her positions and environment to secure satisfaction.

Some aspects of daily activities in a work environment is rewarding for good work, hitting goals, creating new ideas. In many organizations they overlook a very important key aspect in producing employee satisfaction. Motivation and satisfaction of your customer is to ensure your work environment is vigorous and healthy. The easiest of the three aspects is personality performance because most organizations have a defined list of tasks and performance metrics in evaluating and rewarding employees. The manager must trust employees to exhibit their motivation and this one of the hardest aspect of management. The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment provided by Dr. Ken Blanchard is a great tool that a manager can apply in assisting in evaluating an employee motivation (Alessandra, 1996-2014).

The Learning Team B has different personality traits that determine a person inner motivation. Ashley and Elena would be considered dominance style. That specific motivation is in the Dominant Square within the DISC assessment. The dominance style is someone who works well under pressure, a go getter, and face pace. The dominance tends to delegate authority, strives for results and needs to be in charge. A major management style is inherent in a dominant person because the leadership style is the tendency to encounter with others and has a tendency for aggression. The antagonism shown by a dominance person can be negative leadership trait when allocating with subordinates or other team members, considered to be cautious and the assertiveness can separate other team members or employees.

Jomoto, Larry, and Jonathan would all be considered a cautious style individual who enjoys and emphasizes people, enjoys other people approval, and is very trusting of others. Their personality works well in a dynamic, exciting group or team and a task focus span. This DISC assessment is a great tool that any manager can use to assist in identifying employees’ leadership style. Motivation tools can be use for information provided within the assessment to assist in identifying reasons for conflict with other team member or subordinates.

It is an essential aspect for leader and a team member to understand emotion within a team. This assessment is also crucial for a manager to recognize employees’ emotion because it is an important aspect of management. This will permits a manager to understand interpersonal skills and identifying emotions is important when selecting team members for a specific project.

In conclusion, Team B performance, motivation, and satisfaction can be measured and improved in different ways. A positive motivation plan includes compensation for encouraging emotions, performance, quality, performance evaluations, employee surveys are great tools to use. Therefore, using these tools for increasing employees motivation, satisfaction, and assess issues within the team. The most difficult aspect of being a leader is increasing an employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. By developing a motivation plan, a manager can be successful in changing all three aspects for a better outcome.

Robbins, S. R. & Judge, T. A. (2013). Organizational behavior (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Alessandra, Dr. Tony (1996-2014). The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment. Retrieved July xx, 2014 from http://UOPX.assessments123.com

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